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What A Trashy Parent 4

Written by Bittany Collins | Lainey’s Mommy
Today’s blog will be about how parents with tattoos get shamed. You may not have even noticed you’ve been shamed, but most likely, you have.

Life As We Know It 2

Written by Life As We Know It

It took me over a year to work up the courage to start my blog, Life As We Know It. Reason being, people read blogs about things they are interested in. I sure hope nobody is interested in reading about a four year old girl being sexually abused; in fact I’ve had a few people offended by my content.

Parents, Follow Your Heart

Written by Sarah Marquez | RealSimpleMama

You shouldn’t have gotten that epidural. You shouWd have done more research. You picked the wrong name. You should not have used formula.

Us parents start to face guilt, opposition, and judgment before our sweet baby is even in our arms! It seems that someone is always telling us that we are wrong, we are horrible parents, and we are ruining our child.

Well friend, let me tell you. All those people can go to hell. You’re doing just fine.

Four Go On Holiday

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

Me and the brood are back from our holi-bobs and what a fabulous time we had. Aided by the helpful staff at First Choice we really did have a great time and I am not being sarcastic! Both Hubbie and I were, to be honest a little afraid of travelling with 2 under three, fearful of being that couple with THOSE children but thankfully both the girls where so caught up in the excitement they forgot to moan.

The Blended Community Have Spoken! 2

So we asked you to pick your favourite Pram, High Chair and Baby Carrier from a high quality selection. Here’s what you decided are the best!  

8 Home Education Myths – Debunked.

Written by Katie Cardwell | REOLife

”Are the kids off school today then?”

This question is enough to send a shiver down my spine. I hear it often and it can quickly turn a lovely, pleasant conversation about last night’s Walking Dead into a heated interrogation session in which I am the accused.