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Children & Discipline 2

Written by Alan Herbert | OMGItsAGirl My adoptive parents are American. This means they are from a country that has not made it illegal to smack your child! It also means I was smacked as a child! Now bear in mind the fact I was abandoned by my mother, in […]

My Do’s & Don’ts of Christmas

Written by Nigel Higgins | DIY Daddy Blog Top 10 UK Dad Blogger 2016 (Vuelio) Christmas is a wonderful and special time. Some of the memories made at Christmas with your children will live on forever in the minds of all of us. As regular readers of my blog will […]

Mistletoe & Wine: Better than Cliff’s!

Written by Sarah Lloyd | Mumbie Tales To be sung in the theme of Cliff Richard, Mistletoe & Wine Christmas time, stockings, presents and wine Children whining and demanding all the time Once the stockings and presents are all unwrapped The floor covered in wrapping crap And the toddler doesn’t […]

Santa is NOT real!

Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network So, I personally don’t know anyone that hasn’t been told as a child that Santa exists! There’s a minority of people that say we shouldn’t lie to our children, as it means they may not trust what we say etc etc… What […]

Baby Bjorn | Carrier One Outdoors | REVIEW

  Checkout this Awesome Baby Carrier One Outdoors by Baby Bjorn!! Available at Designed to be the perfect hiking baby carrier, with functional materials, smart details & storage bag 4-way front and back carrying, ideal for outdoor activities Optimal carrying comfort, with sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps […]

Joie Mimzy 360 | Highchair | REVIEW

  CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME HIGHCHAIR FROM JOIE!!! Suitable from birth, the Innovative design of the Joie Mimzy 360 makes mealtimes easier for you and your baby. The highchair features a full circle swivel, a 3 position tilting seat and 7 height adjustments for the optimum position for your little […]