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I’m one half of a blogging couple | Nigel’s View 1

Written by Nigel | DIY Daddy Blog The other day I was chatting to David and Luke over at the Blended Parent Network and we came up with an idea for my wife and I to write a guest post about what it’s like to be married to a blogger. […]

Blogging Couple

What it’s really like to be a blogging couple | Emily’s View 3

Written by Emily | Twin Mummy and Daddy I started Twin Mummy and Daddy back in June 2012, four months after the birth of my twin girls. Before blogging I’d kept an online diary on a fertility forum. I wrote about the IVF treatment my husband and I were undergoing, […]

Dad Bag! 4

Written By | Daddy Days UK The Dad bag is something all dads secretly look forward to organising. The first part of being a parent that we get sole control over. I think that it is because it makes you feel like a Commando… It’s either that or all that […]

Dad Bag