About Us

Luke Woodhouse

Hi, I’m Luke!!

Blended Parent Network was founded by myself in the summer of 2016

My background online, is having a YouTube channel with my family where we post daily vlogs over at YouTube.com/thewoodhouselife1 My wife, two boys and myself have done over 900 days of vlogs which is quite a feat!

During my time doing family vlogs I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of brands and companies, I’ve spoken at YouTube and other conventions and had the pleasure of also working with other mum and dad networks enjoying it that much I decided to start my own! I wanted to create a network where ALL parents could come and get support, information and advice relating to all things parenting.

Blended Parent has a mixture of blogs, vlogs, product reviews, local and national parenting news, giveaways and much more! As Blended Parent gathered pace I needed some help. Jessica, Gavin and Victoria came to my rescue and helped over on our Facebook Page becoming admins and have been a great help keeping Blended Parent social! I then felt I was becoming overwhelmed managing all other aspects of the network but carried on.

It was at this point I went for a coffee with a friend I met through doing vlogs with The Dad Network.

We had a coffee a good chat and went on our way. That evening we were chatting away and joked about teaming up at some point on some work that then escalated to becoming a team over at Blended Parent. I’ll let David tell you a little about himself and his background.

David Shaul

Ayup, David here…

So my background in regards the online world is currently short, sweet but jam packed. I started my own Blog only a year ago dadvworld.com – After a few months of writing I decided I would give the whole YouTube thing a go too youtube.com/dadvworld

Fast forward another few months and I’ve now managed to have worked for several Networks and Brands in both Blogging and Vlogging capacities, I’ve picked up a role as Round-up Editor for BritMums, collected a couple of awards including Top 100 Blogs for Men on the Planet and met some great people along the way. I also met Luke… 🙂

As Luke already said, we met up purely because we had a good online friendship and thought it would be a good idea to meet in real life! Turns out it was probably the best idea we’ve had! Our families met, we all got on great and later that evening a joke turned into a rough business idea.

And here we are.

Our vision for Blended Parent Network to become a helpful, engaging, positive environment for ALL families, is driven by a shared passion, to be the best parents we can be.

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