Blog For Us

So you’re interesting in blogging with Blended Parent Network are you? That’s great!

Right, let us tell you a little bit about what we do here. It’s quite simple really, we want to share real parenting experiences, tips and ideas with all other parents. So you have a story to tell, an experience to share or even just want to rant at others that will understand, do it with us!

If you’re not already familiar with our set-up, basically we (David & Luke) built a website (You’re currently on it!) as a platform to share anything PARENT related. We used social media (Facebook & Twitter) to ask if anyone else had parenting stuff they wanted to share, turns out you/they do. Not only Bloggers, but ALL parents love access to this stuff so we then created a Facebook Group to build a genuine community type feel. And here we are…

Parenting is so vast and there’s literally a limitless amount of topics to discuss, then include discussing them from both a Mum’s perspective and then a Dad’s, it’s double the scope to work with. Hopefully that’s where you come in…


– If you can commit to writing a post weekly, fortnightly or even monthly then that’s fine. We know how quickly weeks can fly past so there’s no big expectations of you giving us all of your content. The aim being that we gain more regular contributors that can grow a profile within the Blended Parent Network community.

– Content, we’re very open minded and most of all REAL. Our only outlines really are that the posts are parent related. Real stories, relatable thoughts and/or any tips and tricks you may have stumbled across that will help out the rest of us! A minimum of 400 words would be good, no particular maximum as we know some posts need greater detail. We do also ask that you check spellings and grammar as best you can before submitting. We prefer real images from you that relate to your post but if you’d prefer to keep yourself and/or your kids photo’s offline, that’s not a problem we will find some generic images. Finally, if you struggle with a title that’s not a problem we can help with that too!

– The only thing left to say in terms of your end of the bargain, is that it would be great for us all if you could share the post on your social media platforms too.


– The Blended Parent platform is growing rapidly and our social media channels are very engaged. We’re offering to share our platform with you to put your writing, your story and your name in more people’s social feeds.

– On every post you write you are welcome to link back to other posts you’ve written on your own blog, if they’re relevant obviously. You will always have a link to your blog/website and social media channels on each post, so that our readers can become your followers too.

– We are currently re-developing the website and hope to also include a specific contributors section where readers will be able to easily access your details enabling them to become part of your online community.

– At Blended Parent Network we’re asked regularly to review products, part of becoming a contributor would include having first refusal on such items as they become available. (We will send out details of products as and when in our Facebook Contributors Group)


If you’re cool with all of that, then email us across a post and we will give it a read 🙂 Moving forward we’re hoping to get contributors access directly to our WordPress site, however for now email submissions are perfectly fine. We will add you to our contributors group on Facebook and get you followed across social media too so we can tag you and help promote your work.

Sound good to you? Then we’ll speak soon 🙂