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Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network

Now then, I’m far from perfect and have at times been far from a good husband, but I guess I needed to be rubbish at times in order to try and get better.

Im going to try and give you 5 tips on how to be a good husband, but let me tell you, there are a lot more than 5!!

1.Look for a role model. I’ve mentioned my Dad, Brian, in a post before and to be honest, I have to look no further than him to no what it means to be a good husband. Always been there for my Mum and going out of his way to make her happy, even if it means some sort of sacrifice from him. TOP HUSBAND!!!

2. Step down. Don’t keep arguing with your wife during an argument. It’s fairly simple you won’t win. Get your point across and then give your wife space. She will hate you for at least a day or two, but then dependant on what you have forgotten to do (usually not remembering bin day for me) it will all be fine in the end.

3. Plan in advance. If you have a night out planned or a trip out with friends, give them plenty of warning. I always leave it last minute and it’s not a good idea. This is one thing I still struggle with. Most wives have the power to read minds, but not when it comes to your planned evening out at the football in two hours, that you failed to tell her about, leaving her with the kids and a mountain of house work. Also don’t do the whole buying flowers and asking to rub your wife’s back every night in the lead up to a planned night out. This is unnatural and she knows exactly what you’re doing. You’re asking for trouble in the long run. Just give lots and lots of warning. Potentially even an email as proof of contract!!

4. Listen. What your wife is telling you is kind of important. Don’t just give her ‘the look’ like your listening this is a mistake, she knows!

Ive learnt to be quite a good listener over the years and it does help. The subtle hints on presents, stuff for round the house, the jobs she would like you to do to lighten her work load, all are crucial pointers.

5. Put that phone down. This kinda goes for both of you. I can sometimes lose days looking into my phone. Sat on the sofa scrolling through Facebook. Not engaging with the lady I used to talk to every second of the day when we first met. Yes, kids and work mean sometimes you just want to hide under the bed covers and sleep, but try to put some time aside for you both to talk. Don’t rely on the fact that your wife will open up to about all her issues and concerns (they’re not all loose women panelists!!) 


I literally have so many more gents, but its just common sense. Most of your friends probably think you’re a top bloke and think, why on earth would your wife ever think any different but the difference is, your friends don’t live with you 24/7 they don’t have to put up with your crazy shit 24/7. 

A good husband isn’t a perfect husband. Just be that bloke you were when she first met you. She obviously liked you enough to marry you ( I hope) 

Good luck my man friends, it’s a rollercoaster, strap in, hold on and shut your mouth when its needed.

PS. I’ve been married for 4 years so I’m actually still fairly new to all this being a husband stuff, so feel free to let me know your tips in the comments below! 

PPS. Ladies please don’t kill me. You’re all fantastic for putting up with your husbands. I can guarantee they have a planned event coming up in a matter of days/hours… Be nice now!

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One thought on “5 Tips On How To Be A Good Husband

  • Dean Inglis

    Okay another great read my friend. Being married 7 years to my awesome wife I’ve learned the hard way at times what not not to do. I do my best to try to take the load off of her for example when she has been at work or I’ve come home from work. I think at the end of the day not taking them for granted. They married us for a reason. I always try to make sure that Amanda knows that she is the princess i fell in love even if I don’t always do or say or show how I feel. I do my best to ensure she knows how much I adore her and am grateful for her picking me as a husband. If that makes sense.