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Written by Luke Belsey | Hux Life

Tom, Dick or Harry? – A baby naming guide

So, where do you start? Apart from becoming a new parent (scary enough), an equally important and pressured responsibility is naming your precious little bundle of joy. Choosing a name that not only you love but also a name that will suit him/her for life, a difficult task…Believe me. Do you pick something that is Original? Historical? Trendy? Popular? Classic? Downright bizarre? The list is endless…

Things to look out for:

– Names that can be taken the piss out of.
– What will the initials be twinned with your surname?
– Does the name work well with your surname?
– Are you adding another element with a middle name?
– Do the amount of syllables in a name worry you?
– Can the name be shortened to a nickname you like?

…Now you can see why some parents spend the whole 9 months arguing because let’s remember this has to be a joint decision! That’s the proverbial spanner thrown into the works!

I have a little boy, now 7 months old. We chose to find out the sex of our baby when we could but kept the secret to ourselves, just so it was a nice surprise, mainly for the grandparents. The OH and I wanted a name that wasn’t outlandish, yet not heard very often. Something unique. We kind of knew that it would be linked to history and frantic searching of the Internet began. As a keen reader my OH saw old novelists as her inspiration and came across an English writer famous for Brave New World published in 1931. Aldous Leonard Huxley. As soon as she had spoken the name my eyes lit up. I think we were quite lucky to stumble upon something that we both instantly loved. I give you my son – Huxley Frederick Belsey. Frederick taken from my granddads name (a nod to the family, if you like). Others that were in the running before being dismissed for Huxley were: Gray, Hudson, Otto, Moss & Apollo.


Examples – James, Sarah, William, Charlotte, Jack, Elizabeth
Classically cool and classy. A name that will stand the test of time and is no way embarrassing for you or the child.
Perhaps kind of boring, these names are often biblical or derive from famous royalty.

Examples – Olivia, Jack, Ava, Harry, Isla, Charlie
Safe names for the conscientious or worrier of people’s views.
Definitely joining the naming fad game with these choices. Typically three other children in the class will have the same name.

Examples: Kale, Kendell, Atticus, Flora, Grayson, Margot
An awesome name for an awesome kid, even if you can’t really tell their personality traits yet. A brave choice but don’t let anyone any knock you down for it.
Slightly awkward when constantly having to spell the name out to people or introducing them for the 3rd time to people short of hearing. Remember this name is with them for life and people are judged on their name.

Examples: Paxton, Farris, Bobo, Alabama, Indigo, Monet
Nonconformist. Choosing a name from this category can be a great thing, people will be jealous for not thinking of it themselves and you’ll look like the coolest parent in the playground.

Some weird names may come across as a little trashy and unclassy. There is also a chance others may fall in love with your eccentric name and you’ll find yourself starting a name fad.

So there you have it my guide to naming your baby. I think the most important thing is finding a name you both love. Try using it when referring to the bump to get used to saying the name. I found shouting it also helped…we all know it will be yelled sometime in life. Don’t share the name with friends and family until the baby is born, you don’t want people having their view and putting you off the name. Also, it adds to the surprise when the baby finally arrives.

Finally, have 2 choice encase you see your baby and the name you favoured doesn’t suit them. I found it really weird when I heard new parent say that but luckily we didn’t have second thoughts.
So go…take my points on board and think outside the box. A weird name might take you by surprise. An overhead conversation may spring up a name you never considered. My last words are enjoy the process, it will get you through….eventually.

Written by Luke Belsey | Hux Life

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One thought on “A Baby Naming Guide

  • Becster

    Ahh the old baby naming game. Always fun! But I do like your checklist, definitely need to consider the nicknames and the initials. We had the added complication of wanting a Welsh name but a Welsh name that non Welsh speakers could pronounce without great difficulty. Oh and yes, spelling was a problem. And keeping everyone happy. I think our kids names turned out well actually! 😀