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You want to start a blog? Or you’ve recently started a blog and need some tips? Well what I’ve done for you is infiltrated the minds of some of the best bloggers and extracted their No.1 tips for new bloggers. OK actually I just tweeted them and made a list of what they said. 

I’ve not left them to do all the work, I’ve also had my say on what I think of their advice 🙂 


@thatchamdad – Do what *you* want. Find *your* voice. Don’t be a copy of someone else. Don’t worry if it means being different to others. Different is good.

Very sound advice. It’s very easy to start thinking ‘Should I change my style’, or ‘Maybe I should be more like XY or Z’ and before you know it, you’re not writing in your own voice anymore using your own thoughts. 

@becsterdotcom – Do it because you enjoy it and not for any other reason. The moment you stop enjoying it, it becomes a chore.

So true. If you’re getting into blogging to make a few quick notes, then STOP right now! Sure you can make money through blogging, however there’s no 1 day crash course that guarantee’s you a full time wage after a weekend of writing blog posts. You have to start a blog because you WANT to. 

@ManvsPink – Just do it. Don’t procrastinate or over think. Best getting stuck in.

I like to think things through, organise a bit and plan. However there’s nothing quite like jumping in at the deep end and learning on the job. Yes, do at least a little reading and planning but not too much, dive in, you can always amend, grow and evolve along the way. 

@The_dadventurer – There’s no right way to blogging, only your way.

Sometimes people seem to forget that your blog is, well, yours! You’ve decided upon the name, you’ve decided what you’d like to write about and you’ve decided how/what you want to share with the world. I remember a while back a few people were telling one blogger he should keep a certain section of his life separate to his parent blog. Why? It’s his blog he can write what the chuff he wants! I’m yet to see a rule book on exactly the correct way to blog, this is because there isn’t one. 

@OMGitsagirl2015 – Just write as if no one is reading and what you want to write about.

I’ve found myself deleting sentences thinking, ‘Oh but what if someone takes offence to this’ or ‘I hope they don’t think this is about them’ etc… Then re-typed them and thought, ‘Do I really care anyway?!’ No, because as previously stated, the blog you create is for you, write as if no-one is reading is a great way to think about it. PS. I wouldn’t recommend specifically targeting people but never be afraid to have your own opinion.  

@fathers_can_hug – Be authentic and keep creating.

If you can devise a way to be different to others whilst still being yourself, that will make you stand out. Don’t be afraid to try new things, be creative, if something doesn’t quite work then try something else. 

@realsimplemama – Write from the heart. Find ways to share your passion with others.

I tend to do this often, if not always. I get a thought in my head and run away with it, type it up and BOOM, I have a blog post. If you write something real and honest, this will show to your readers and they will understand your passion. 

@dadbloguk – Don’t underestimate the importance of good imagery.

Presentation is very important. If you’re writing just for yourself and not promoting your blog, surely it’s still nice to make sure everything looks cool. If like the majority of bloggers you are looking to gain readership and promote your blog then John has shared a vital tip! Good images within your blog and the main feature image can pull readers in. Many times I have clicked on a post purely because the image looked great. 

@RichSayers1610 As a new blogger I would say don’t have a posting schedule, write when you want to write. You will have less stress that way.

Everyone has their own methods and you will find yours. I’m the same as Rich, I can go days without writing, then bang out 4 posts in one day. I’ve found my preferred method is to trust that I will get the urge and most importantly the ideas at some stage in the week and get it all out there. Personally if I’m not in the mood then it’s pointless because my posts would be crap! 

@NigeHiggins4 – Write good engaging content.

Sounds easy this doesn’t it. I have no idea from post to post what will be good in all honesty. I’ve written posts before thinking it’s the best work I’ve done, then no bugger has read it! I’ve then banged out a quick post about something that has maybe popped into my head and it’s got me record views! I’d say the engaging part is the important bit of this advice. Engage with your readers, ask questions, guide the reader into wanting to comment or even contact you about your post. 

@honest_father – Don’t embellish stories, keep it real.

Keep it real! For me this is the most powerful tool you can have in your arsenal. If you just say things how you see them, tell people exactly how it is/was, this will always shine through. Nobody likes that dick who always exaggerates, apparently has a Tiger when actually he just has a Cat etc. Keep it honest. 

@droolingdaddy – Get your daughter to edit for you, hello English major!

Well, what can I say about this advice. If you don’t have a daughter that’s an English major, maybe get in touch with Jeff and his daughter may take a look for you?! (Jeff make sure you put some editing rates in place, could be a decent earner this!) 


There you go, get your blog set up, follow this advice and you will be a super award winning blogger by tomorrow night, probably……


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