#BloggersAssemble | Week Three

OK, last week we missed #BloggersAssemble but we did have a great excuse… We launched blendedparentmedia.com. Bloggers, Vloggers and any brand should definitely go check that out. If you need any social media management, or graphics then get in touch.

Moving on to this weeks featured bloggers and their posts…

Emily – Twin Mummy and Daddy practiced her sarcasm as she explains how wearing the ‘wrong’ school uniform can effect your education. Wearing The Wrong School Uniform Can Ruin Your Education. I like anything that has a little dig at one of the many failing things happening in schools, I know petty, but change needs to happen!


Sticking with the educational theme Emily kicked us off with, I came across Gabriella, Mummy Needs Gin and her post Pressure Is Mounting For 5 Year Olds After reading this I think children may soon also need GIN! Gabriella shares a letter she’s received from her child’s school explaining the changes they’re having to make basically just so they hit targets. It’s an excellent post but infuriating to read the actual content!


To finish off, I will leave you with a sentence from David’s post Daddy Peeing. To Sit Or Not To Sit ‘I was in mid flow and moving around the bowl in a frantic two-step, dad-dance kind of way’. It’s a must read from David Tales Of Two Children.


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