#BloggersAssemble | Week One 3

Welcome to the first of our #BloggersAssemble weekly posts! We get loads of bloggers contributing great content to the Blended Parent Network site. So as a little extra show of appreciation, every Monday we will be rounding up some of our favourite posts written by our contributing bloggers on their own websites! 

First up, Nigel – DIY Daddy Blog with Is There A Right Way To Be A Parent? Nigel talks about using instinct to parent and tells us ‘NOBODY knows your child like you do’. I found myself agreeing with everything Nigel says in this post.

Please do let us and Nigel know your thoughts.


Next up, Alan – OMG It’s A Girl wrote about Gender Stereotyping in his post….. Gender Stereotyping 🙂 Alan admits a change of mindset and shares his plans to let his children grow into whatever they want to, regardless of their gender.

Are you raising your children based on their gender?


Finally, one that had me welling up a little towards the end… Tom, The Unlikely Dad writes The Adoption Journey: Part One Not only an amazing story of the beginning of Tom and his husbands adoption journey, but a very informative piece of writing, that all potential adopters would benefit from reading.

Go have a read and what’s even better, Part Two and Three are also now published!



Please let us know in the comment or across social media if you’ve enjoyed these posts too. Also get in touch NOW if you’d like to contribute to the Blended Parent Network website…. It could be you featured in #BloggersAssemble next time 🙂






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