Brotherly Love 3

Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network

Growing up with a big brother is something that evokes many feelings for me. My brother is someone that I have always known I could rely on, look up to and know would always be there for me. This isn’t just with reflection as I look back; this is something I have felt since being a very young boy.

Having two young boys now myself, Roman (3) and Travis (6) I see the very same chemistry that my brother and I had.

Roman, the younger of my boys, always seems to be looking up to his big brother for support and guidance. It’s fascinating. As a parent always expecting that Travis leads by example, forgetting Travis is only six and only a child himself. The responsibility we put on these older kids shoulders is huge but they just do it naturally. The amount of times I find Travis correcting Roman with zero prompts from me, showing him how to best pull his pants up after having a wee, how to know which trainer goes on which foot. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s 90% shouting at each other!!


The amount of times I say to my wife once the boys go to bed “why can’t they play together without fighting and arguing, they seem to play so much better when they are playing on their own”

What I have to keep telling myself is, yes they are quieter, yes there are fewer arguments but those arguments are crucial in their day to day learning.

Brothers don’t fight and argue like sisters do. Sisters arguing are an hourly, near death occurrence where they never want to see each other ever again …EVER!!! I can count on one hand the amount of times I had an argument with my brother and even then that was because he got a lucky goal on Fifa! (It was lucky, I usually won every game)

Brothers aren’t just your player number two on the PlayStation, they aren’t just the opposing WWE superstar on your parents bed…they are two boys that no one else will ever truly understand.

You may not see each other as often as you grow up and may not speak for days, weeks, months on end but let me tell you, they are always there, right there when you need them and will always give you words of encouragement when you need them most.


I can only talk from the perspective of being a little brother and observe my boys from the outside, maybe I should get my brothers opinion as he probably has a different view of all this.

Having a brother is great. Having a big brother is even better. Having two boys and my brother as their Uncle is AMAZING!!! #brosbeforehoes #shitonfifa

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3 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  • Becster

    Ahh well I grew up as an only child so I have no idea of the sibling rivarly and connection other than watching my kids now. I have two girls though so I guess I have a lot of bitch-fest to come my way!