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Written by Kayleigh | BabyPixieAndBeauty

Christmas is the best time of the year, for me anyway. I love the Christmas inspired drinks that come out, the festive cheer in all the shops and work places, the cute little outfits I can dress my toddler in (just me?!), but I don’t like having to buy presents.



Actually that’s a lie, I love buying presents, I hate not having the money for them! If you’re anything like my sensible mam, you would have saved all year, put a little bit of money aside each month, bought things in boots to get the boots points, and similar things in other stores so that when Christmas comes around there is a lovely, stress free shopping trip buying amazing things for all of the family and somehow just knowing what everyone wants.


If you’re anything like me, you will have done none of that and will now be panic saving in November. Having a toddler who is 15 months old means that all of my money goes on nursery fees (I have to work, I wish I could just win the lottery!), a mortgage and all the cute things I buy her all of the time because I have an inability to walk past anything cute. For example, just last week I was walking past Next, okay okay I was going into Next because I can’t go into town and not go in!, and saw the cutest little turtle neck top for Emily. Did she need it? No. Did she want it? Probably not. But I bought it anyway because it would look so adorable with her little jeans. I just can’t save money. Having a child just takes up any spare cash you used to have, or at least it does in my house!

So, what do I do in the run up to Christmas? I buy all of my extended family wine, usually the wine in the offers in the supermarket (no-one ever said I was a good niece 😂), I think the wine is on offer in ASDA at the moment 6 for £24, so twelve of those takes care of them.


My parents and sister are a whole different story. My sister always wants something expensive, but I have discovered Amazon. Whatever she wants from the stores, I can usually find on Amazon for a lot cheaper, I was dubious at first but everything I have bought previously have been legit. I also love boots 3 for 2 offers, I can usually find something for my sister, mam and cousins in here and to be honest there are some good bargains! It makes it look like I’ve spent more than I have and been thoughtful too (unless they also shop in Boots and have seen the prices). I also buy all of my makeup from Boots, so like my mam I do tend to accumulate points, last year I managed to have about £60 worth of points thanks to watching out for triple points weekends and other offers which increase the points you get (worth watching out for!)
For Emily’s presents, I tend to watch out for anything that I want for her coming into an offer, which does occasionally happen! I’ve signed up for emails from Mothercare and various other places so that I am always made aware of any toy or clothes sales occurring.

I would suggest that my mams technique is the best as she doesn’t have the last minute panic that I do, but who doesn’t love finding a bargain!!

What do you do at Christmas?


Written by Kayleigh | BabyPixieAndBeauty


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One thought on “Christmas Spends

  • Becster

    I need to take a leaf out of your mam’s book and start saving! I’m also tempted by all the cute stuff that we don’t need/want so you’re not the only one there! And yup, also guilty of the panic saving/buying in November. Although this year I did pick up a lot of the toys on a 20% off weekend in Smyths. One part of me thinks it was genius and the other part is now thinking where the hell did I store them all!