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Written by Lianne Harris | Mrs Mummy Harris


For the past five years me and hubby have shared Christmas’s together and spent Christmas Day with one family, Boxing Day with the other and alternated the days the year after.

Over time we have started our own little traditions and we have also taken on traditions that the others families have. We both decided to scrap the traditional fairy for the top of the tree and replaced it with Jack Skeleton. We also kept the idea of stockings from my family – Hubby’s family stopped them once they became adults. We also eat ham, egg and chips for dinner every Christmas Eve as continued from Hubby’s family.

This year it is our first Christmas with Ben and of course the first one actually being parents, not just a human oven! We had spoken about traditions we wanted to start when Ben arrived, like the snowy bootprints and a magic key due to us not having a chimney; however, recently as time looms nearer it appears our ideas are actually quite varied.

Hubby maintains that the Christmas tree only goes up 12 days before Christmas; however, if I had my way it would be up already.

Hubby would like Ben’s presents to be from Santa, none to him from us or from his grandparents, cousins etc; I want to give Ben most of his presents from us – and the presents relatives have bought for him will be from them.

So with all of these differences, how are we actually going to do Christmas this year? With the art of compromise. Following some cross words exchanged between us both; our Christmas has been agreed.

We are both so headstrong and set in our ideas and visions of our first Christmas with Ben. But Hubby has compromised and the tree is going up 16 days before Christmas. I have compromised with Ben’s presents and picked a few presents out to be from us and majority of them will be from Santa!

We are now so excited for Christmas to arrive. Now is the challenge of finding a decent Santa for Ben to visit. Bad enough this rubbish mum couldn’t find a chocolate-less advent calendar for little mans first Christmas!


Written by Lianne Harris | Mrs Mummy Harris

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  • Taylor_MadeBlogs

    Sounds like a great Christmas plan! One of our traditions is ham egg and bubble & squeak for breakfast on Boxing Day made by my father in law it’s amazing! It’s our first Christmas as parents too can’t wait! We also do stockings 👌