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The Dad bag is something all dads secretly look forward to organising. The first part of being a parent that we get sole control over. I think that it is because it makes you feel like a Commando… It’s either that or all that sleep deprivation has made you forget to put on your pants?…

The art is getting something you can wear – not carry. You are going to want separate compartments too so that super cool DJ bag is not going to get dusted off any time soon. (Don’t worry you’ll be able to bust it out at their birthday parties. You may even get to drop that D&B remix of In the Night Garden.) I digress. I bought this little bum bag (Fanny Pack in the US. But definitely Bum Bag in the UK as fanny pack is a whole different thing) I can wear it discretely under my jacket where it is barely noticeable. It’s alright for essentials (wipes, a nappy, snacks and 1 drink) but that’s about it. It’s never going to cut it as a dad bag. In fact I had plan B’d to use it as a bike bag but it’s even too small for that. Instead it’s kept in the car with emergency supplies only. Nice try, but I am going to have to get something little more overt. When he was smaller that just meant relenting and taking the flowery changing bag. Good luck getting a say in what goes in there. But now he’s out of nappies, it’s on!

Dad Bag

You’re still going to need the big 5: Wipes, tissues, drink, snacks, spare clothes. But other than that you can get a bit creative. I’ve gone for a small rucksack but big enough to fit the following:

· First Aid Kit. This is something you hope you are never going to need and if your little one is suitably dressed including well fitting shoes and they’ve roughed it and practiced enough as a toddler, are less likely to. But not many other people are going to carry one and they may need it. Mine has definitely been used more by other people’s kids. You may even get a coffee out of it.
· Towel. A tea towel would suffice but ideally you’re going to want a quick drying, travel towel. This is going to be for wiping slides and the seats of swings. Which, if you’re going in the morning, will be wet whatever the weather.
· Brush. A small hand brush like the one that comes with a dust pan. This is for those sandy play areas where the sand inevitably collects on the steps of the equipment and can be very slippery and hazardous. Getting rid of the sand on the steps also reduces the likelihood of our first item being used.
· WD40. Whilst we all hope we are raising regular little Rocket Scientists, This is actually for those stiff squeaky swings. You fix those with such ease and you are going to look and feel like a regular MacGyver .
· Adjustable Wrench. In case the WD40 doesn’t work…
· Toys. (Cars are the preference of the little man) This might just mean that you can take your time with that coffee and not have to order one “kids temperature” that you are going to have to down in passing.
· Food for you. Oh yeah, Me. That’s right. You’re never going to be able to keep up with the kids if you don’t fuel up. Flapjacks are the weapon of choice as they keep for ages, don’t take much space and fill/fuel you up.
· Water. You can get 12 500ml bottles for £2 in most supermarkets. That’s less that 17p a bottle. Try getting close to that at a soft-play center or any shop/garage you pass on your travels. I’d say limit yourself to one decent coffee a day. Energy drinks or too much caffeine will make you crash way sooner than your kid. Avoid fizz unless you REALLY need it. There’s been many a time when I truly believe I owe my life to Red Bull.

The rest is up to you. Style it out of you have to. Just remember. No-one is going to be judging you on what you look like or what you are carrying. It is what’s inside that counts 😉

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