In A Minute 2

So recently I’ve been crazy busy. Trying to balance work and family life. It is a difficult one for most but recently I’ve found myself ignoring my children.

When my youngest is sat next to me, he knows I’m busy but looks up at me and says “hug Daddy” at no other time in the whole damn week does he say those words to me. He senses when I have an important email to send or a phone call that I MUST answer!! He had a full break down the other day as he thought Grandad was on the phone (wasn’t Grandad it was business) and then another breakdown because he didn’t press the button to end the call! Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!

I must say “yes, in a minute” over fifty times a day, that one minute, is usually at least five minutes. I know I should be engaging with my boys more, but for some reason I just get on with something else. Days pass so quickly then I sit down watching TV when they’re in bed, see a programme about sick children and cry. Saying to myself, tomorrow I will be different…I will be a better Dad and guess what, I don’t.

I say to my wife, can’t wait for bed time but then bed time comes and we reminisce about how funny and cheeky they have been in the day (They have actually been shits)

The thing is, I’m not dossing on the PlayStation, watching the football or chatting with mates on Facebook, I’m actually working to make their lives better. However, why work so much when I’m not actually spending time with my boys. It’s daft really!!

I work hard and I’m passionate about this parent network and I believe many have/will benefit but I must make sure that doesn’t come at the expense of spending quality time with boys. You must work hard and you must spend time with your children, so my aim is to say “in a minute” less times in the week, as soon these boys will be men and I will be old and bald (already bald).


Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network

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2 thoughts on “In A Minute

  • Becster

    You’re not alone Luke! All too often I find myself in this exact same situation. Rather than a “swear jar” we should setup an “in a minute” jar! Although if I had both I’d be skint pretty quickly! But at least it’s the “in a minute I’m working” rather than “in a minute I’m at the pub” (or the like).