It’s Christmas!

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales


Yes, the time of year when Noddy Holder is normally heard singing on pretty much every radio station and in every shop you walk into. That bittersweet time of year, when you miss and remember all those who are no longer with us, when you look forward to a break from the everyday, when you plunge straight into bloody chaos.  The time of year when everyone goes flipping bonkers for Brussel sprouts and the latest ‘must have’ toy.  It is also the time of year when BOTH our children have their birthdays…PS that wasn’t in the plan!

As if we haven’t enough to contend with regarding knowing what to get them from Chrimbo, we have the added pressure of ensuring that for the rest of their lives our kids will essentially be opening presents from the beginning of November until January 1st. Note the window is that large because generally my eldest likes to play with the present she just opened there and then, so last year it took her two weeks to get through them all… it was a little shorter this time round but then we did start at her Halloween party(!).

So one birthday down, another to go… and the prospect of wrapping all the presents I need to do is actually making me a bit sad… I remember back when it was our eldest’s first Christmas – she would have been around 6/7 weeks at the time, I put everything in bags… but where is the fun in that when both children have more fun unwrapping big boxes and then sitting in them whilst we put whatever came out of it bloody together.

One thing I am grateful for is online shopping – we all saw the pictures of ‘Black Friday’ in the UK… the fact that there were no queues could mean one of two things… 1, we have a lot of organized smug and annoying people who completed their shopping by then or 2, The Brits have finally quit with the queues and would prefer to sit in doors clicking away happily on the t-internet whilst drinking a brew…

As for me I feel into neither… I felt smug I had started Christmas / birthday shopping back in October, and literally the Amazon dudes are round most days! I am however a little gutted because there are so many unwrapped presents /amazon boxes stacked in our bedroom I can barely see the floor, and typically, there are all the NEW toys that have come out which of course, certainly my toddler has her sights on.

So, is it completely terrible I am manipulating what she puts in her letter to Father Christmas?

Along with present wrapping and purchasing fun (skint is not the word), we have the daily punch up over the advent calendar.

So I got both girls one each – so they wouldn’t fight – and course that didn’t work. As I am trying to avoid giving my not yet 1 year old chocolate, her big sister has hers. Which means it’s double the sugar rush and there is still the punch up / crying / screaming match between them because my soon to be 1 year old likes to hold her calendar. Not my greatest move. I have also been trying to get them to open the thing in the morning, so the toddler is jacked up on chocolate for nursery (sorry Niki and folks)… in fact the last time she had a piece when she got home, so roughly 30 minutes before bedtime she spent 30 minutes doing a naked lap refusing to put any clothing on…

Hubbie and I gave up chasing her after 2 laps… and just sat and watched for the other 25…

Luckily everyone seems to have forgotten about the advent calendar so Mummy is snaffling them once they have gone to bed (naughty list for me).

And then finally there is the tree. So our tree went up on the 1st December (I actually love Christmas so I get this up early), perhaps now is the time to change that tradition. As my toddler has already helpfully redecorated the tree every day since… the tree is now bare from about a 1/3 up to try and keep some on the tree itself and not hanging of door handles or posted into the washing machine…!

Sorry if I sound fraught, I really do love this time of year, the twinkling lights, the family gatherings, the crappy films on Christmas 24, wrapping presents with a glass of something yummy… I just sometimes wish there was some way of making it a little easier… says the lazy bum who has all Christmas food on order from Sainsbos…

And I know it doesn’t get any easier, one of my other mummy pals has two older children and sounds like a whole heap of ‘more’… Nativity plays, ‘is Father Christmas real?’ costumes, Christmas jumpers, staff presents, secret Santa gifts, Elf on the Shelf (no way), Christmas Eve Boxes (WHY?????)

I guess there is no ‘cutting corners’ when it comes to family… I do know one things for sure I won’t be subscribing to Elf on the Shelf any time soon as that could tip us all over the edge…

Make the most of Christmas with your family – as ultimately it’s about who you spend it with – I certainly will be (or will be found in the kitchen hiding in the ‘Heroes’ tin).


Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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