A Letter To My Mum On Mothers Day 1

Written by Sarah Lloyd | Mumbie Tales

Dear Mum – my rock, my best friend,

It was only when I became a mum myself did I truly realise how much you did and still do for me, my sister and now my own children. And how much I took for granted when growing up (especially during my teens).

When I look back at all the pictures taken of us growing up –  there aren’t many with you in them as you where normally behind the camera – I get so many fond memories (and those I hold in my heart).

I can still remember being about 3yrs old sitting on the wall in Salou eating boiled eggs on our first family holiday, spinning around at the disco in my nightie. I remember you getting up early to pack the icebox full of egg and sandwich spread sandwiches, one Saturday morning so we could take the 2hour drive to the beach to get a good spot.

I remember you sitting there late at night sewing sequin after sequin on the endless costumes I needed for the next ballet show. Picking me up from school to drop me at Ballet or Brownies pretty much every night of the week!

Mother's Day

I have one very fond memory of you picking me up from school half way through an English lesson so I could go to the orthodontist. And because I had been good you took me to buy an LP from the record shop (Enya – why?) on the way back. This was when I was the gangly odd-looking girl with long fuzzy hair, train tracks and Deirdre Barlow glasses, who danced around the lounge and made up stories.

Then as I got older, then came the holidays to Tunisa with our cousins, my first vermouth and lemonade, my first proper hair cut in a hair salon, the bad boyfriend choices, my 21st birthday party – when we all got on the tables and danced together. The time I got in at 3am and you where stood at the top of the stairs going out of your mind with worry. Crikey I was selfish then.

You were there to support me through my pregnancies, holding my hand whilst I screamed in agony with back pain, wiping my tears away when my crazy hormones that kicked in during our Wedding day when my eldest just refused to sleep.

You were the first person (apart from Daddy) to meet both my girls when they were born.

You have always supported me, listened to me, full of love and quietly standing beside me ready to help when I have needed it.  I have always admired you when you have dealt with your own struggles, you are like a swan tackling each one with quiet strength and grace.

I hope that when the time comes my girls say the same about me.

Mum, I was just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have ever done for me.  I am your number one fan.

Love your little big girl x

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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