Mistletoe & Wine: Better than Cliff’s!

Written by Sarah Lloyd | Mumbie Tales

To be sung in the theme of Cliff Richard, Mistletoe & Wine

Christmas time, stockings, presents and wine
Children whining and demanding all the time
Once the stockings and presents are all unwrapped
The floor covered in wrapping crap
And the toddler doesn’t like any of them now they are open

Now it’s time for a nap
Daddy’s wearing his Christmas hat
Mummy’s drunk in the kitchen
And has given up on bitching
About the Turkey that’s burnt on the outside

Christmas time, board games and more wine
We forgot the Queens speech
As we sat down to (attempt) to eat
The toddlers refusing
The baby is enthusing,
Over sticking carrots up her nose

So, that’s our Christmas day
Full of fun, games and play
And it’s really not that bad
We all spend it together
Regardless of the weather
And get very sad when EastEnders comes on….

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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