My Mother’s Day | Past, Present and Future

Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network

There was zero pressure on me as a child to make sure my Mum had a present or even a card. I couldn’t even tell you what month Mother’s Day was up until six years ago. A day I really couldn’t care less about. If I remember rightly my Mum aka ‘QUEEN’ (don’t ask) used to buy her own card for us to sign. My Dad was useless, potentially getting petrol station flowers on a good year. Last year I bought my own Mum a card on the morning of Mother’s Day and still didn’t even get it delivered in time (something came up) so that’s this year sorted haha.

Since having to think about my wife and obviously the boys getting their Mum something, I’ve had to be a bit more prepared. Not sure how you feel about homemade cards but for me it’s something I do if I can’t afford a nice card, as opposed to making one because it’s more heart felt. I would suggest a bought card and a homemade one, this will give you ultimate Dad points!

As I write this I realise I’m SHIT ha. However in my own defence I let my Mum know I love her everytime we speak and when I can afford it, I get things for the wife from the boys so she knows she is the best!

Looking forward, Mother’s Day is always going to be just another way of us all spending money. An “I love you” doesn’t cost a penny. However I will always conform to the day (if I remember) as it’s a good reminder to show that special lady/ladies in your life that they’re your world and that you wouldn’t be here without them.

Three of my Mothers Day Tips…

1. Mums are strong and forgiving so don’t beat yourself up about it, if you can’t do what everyone else seems to be doing with their Mum.

2. Please don’t have your status as “My Mum is the best Mum in the world” on the big day itself #cringe.
Why not post that status on a few random days in the year when they least expect it, this might have more of an impact!

3. If you don’t usually kiss/hug your Mum, give her a huge hug and kiss. She will act like you’ve gone crazy, but will look back on it later in the day with a smile on her face, as that’s all she ever wanted all them years ago!

My Dads my idol but my Mum is everything else plus that!

Love you QUEEN!!!

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