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Get your phones out, click on the PlayStore/App Store, I’m going to tell you what Apps you need to download. 

Right so if you’ve read my last post Start A Blog – The Basics! then you will have decided what you’re writing about, chosen a blog name, sorted out some matching social media usernames and finally have a platform to write on.

Check, check, check, check! Good. So next, let’s get your phone sorted out with some Apps that will help you create, keep track of and promote your blog.


If you’ve chosen Blogger as your blog’s platform the you can download that, however I’m all about WordPress. In my opinion it’s far superior and much nicer looking. If you agree and have gone with WordPress then get it downloaded, log in and keep control of your website from anywhere.

With the WordPress app you can write a new post, reply to comments, check your stats and much more. To be honest I’ve only used it to type out maybe two posts before, I prefer typing on my laptop. I also use another app we’ll discuss later on to check my stats, so where the WordPress app really becomes useful for me is checking my comments. I like that I get a notification as soon as someone comments on my post’s and I can reply straight away. (I do try to reply straight away!)

Google Analytics 

Definitely the best app to keep track of every statistic imaginable. Views, readers and even readers behaviour can all be looked at. I’m still a complete novice when it comes to analytics, there’s so much to learn. I use Google Analytics for basic stats really, how many views my site gets each day, which posts are doing the best, where readers are coming from (Facebook, Twitter etc) and the ratio of new/returning readers.

The word on the blogging street is that if a PR ever does request proof of stats, it’ll be via Google Analytics that they’re interested in. My advice would be to get it set up on your site, download the app to your phone, get it bookmarked on your computer and go as in depth as you’re comfortable with. Just being able to see that you have had 1 view from Peru is pretty cool 🙂


How many times do you see an article and think ‘Oh I need to read that’ but don’t have time right there and then…? Everyday for me! That’s where Pocket comes in. All you do is share the article to Pocket, just the same way you would click to share it to Facebook etc and Pocket will keep it safe and sound for you to read later. Such a simple thing but absolutely invaluable, or has been for me. Make £20 Million In Just An Hour With Your Blog – You’ve seen those posts, you don’t wanna miss them now do you?!

Pocket isn’t just a simple link saving app though. You can TAG posts to keep them organised, you save videos and images too, have favourites and also archive saved links to keep your Pocket tidy. Great app!


Another app that offers more than what I actually use it for. This app gives you info on who follows you on Twitter and Instagram, who doesn’t follow you back, who’s recently unfollowed you and much much more. I use Crowdfire simply for unfollowing those snidey people that follow you, just so you follow back and then they unfollow you. Petty I know but happens, DAILY!

You can automate messages to be sent to people when they follow you, but don’t! The vast majority of bloggers I know really don’t like those auto ‘Hey thanks for following me, I’m super happy, amazing, great, brilliant, please love me and tweet me’, kind of messages. Do they really serve a purpose, I’m not sure… To be fair when we first set up BPN we sent one informing people we were looking for bloggers and it worked amazingly. I guess it depends who you are and what your aim is via automated messages.


What an app this is! If creative images are a theme for your blog and/or Instagram accounts then get this downloaded NOW! I love it. So many filters, not your simple ones, greyscale etc or the silly one from Snapchat that turn you into a dog, but some genuinely artistic filters that transform your images. Just go have a look, you’ll thank me.


I won’t pretend to have a clue how in depth this app goes but I get a load of views to my website through it so go try it out. I find that for about 3 or 4 days every other week, my views go mental and the main source of traffic is always StumbleUpon. If it’s a glitch, I don’t care, go try it and report back.

Basically you upload your link, choose a topic to put it under and away you go. You can choose some interests to look at yourself and ‘Stumble’ through articles. Based on what you’ve chosen, the app/website will throw articles your way leaving you to give it a thumbs up, a thumbs down or just stumble to the next one… Don’t ever be a dick and thumbs down though 🙂


These two can share a mention. Social media management tools. Basically if you want to schedule a boat load of tweets and FB page posts because you know you’re going to be too busy to do it manually, then these two will sort you out. Hootsuite gets all professional on you if you use it on the laptop/computer, giving you options to do all sorts of things and genuinely manage every aspect of your social media, if you’re heavy online and serious then Hootsuite is a great tool. If you’re new or just need something to put you on, schedule a few tweets a couple of days a week etc then Buffer is probably your best bet.


So there’s a few others that you might want to have a gander of… Snapseed, decent photo editing app, can add text and filters etc, I use it often. IFTTT, someone figure this out and let me know. I’ve used it but it can easily get too complicated. Basically with ‘If This Then That’, you make ‘recipes’, you tell it IF you post THIS on Facebook, THEN post it on Instagram (THAT) also… Get it? Klout is an app that gives you your social media presence score. You link all your social platforms to it and get a score of how ‘good’ you are or whatever. Some bloggers see this as important others don’t so I wouldn’t make too much of a deal of it, unless your score is good 🙂

So there you have it! Download all these apps and you will be a top blogger earning money by tomorrow morning, guaranteed… Probably. Any questions about any of the apps, or if you want a more in depth explanation of how I use them and/or how they work, let me know 🙂


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