A Childhood Full Of Freedom

Written by Gabriella Diesendorf

Parents want their children to have a joyful and memorable childhood. Parents want them to feel loved and to love, to pursue their dreams, and eventually find success in their adult life.Most of all, parents want their children to be happy!

It is a well-know fact that child’s personality is, at least partially, governed by their genes. However, there is a huge number of studies that suggest that genes can be switched on or off in different environments. Many psychologists suggest that optimistic and happy children come from happy and optimistic homes, regardless of their genetics. So, what exactly can a parent do to control their happiness?

Without rehashing other parenting advice, I would like to mention one important role of a parent. While you need to be their guide and mentor, don’t micromanage their childhood to the very tiniest detail. Children who grow up free to explore, make occasional mistake or a bad choice will, in the long run, be a happier adult.

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Let Your Child Enjoy Childhood

Don’t engage your kids in too many activities. I know, parents want only the best for their kids. We want them to gain amazing skills, have excellent education and strong background. I’m not saying that they can’t do both soccer and piano lessons, but make sure that there is enough balance between scheduled activities and their own unstructured leisure time.

Also, I try to teach my kids to see and enjoy small, simple joys of everyday life.Our daily lives are full of delightful and wonderful occurrences: setting of the sun, friends and neighbors we run into each day on the street, or just simply smiling and laughing. We all need to learn to enjoy and make use of those simple moments of joy.

Let Them Experience Different Things

The importance of giving your children certain liberties is something I can’t stress enough.Additionally, the highly praised Montessori approach strongly advocates freedom within limits and independence as one of its key principles.

Allow your children the freedom to explore new experiences, their own ideas, and let them do what they want (even if, sometimes, those are slightly risky things). I encourage my children to try different things, hobbies and sports because, like many other, my children are naturally curious beings and they like to explore.

However, I’m well aware that busy schedules can prevent you from providing all that freedom to your kids. That being said, choosing the best day care centres in Brisbane can be a life changer for both you and your children. In my experience, early childhood education is so much more than plain theoretical learning. Thanks to an individual approach that addresses your child’s particular needs, children get the chance to develop their creativity as well as their social skills. From interesting projects and fun games, to team work and physical activity, a day care centre can become a perfect environment for your child to pursue their own interests in. Moreover, they will encounter various situations that will help them grow both mentally and emotionally, which is essential for a confident attitude later in life and boosted self-esteem.

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Encourage Them To Make Their Own Decisions

It’s unnecessary to remind you how important it is to teach your kids how to make good decisions. We all face numerous simple and very difficult choices every day, and all those decisions affect our life path, one way or the other. For children, who don’t have as many prior experiences, those decisions can be difficult.

One of my essential strategies, when teaching them about decisions, is to coach them through the entire process. Emphasize all the important details and analyze the possible outcomes. Don’t be afraid to allow them to make bad choices or decisions, every once in awhile. This will teach them that ultimately they are the ones held accountable for their choices and repercussions. Children should be required to explore their decisions, and why they make them and how they will affect their life. If they make a poor decision, they should understand it so they don’t make the same ones again.

If there is a take-home-message I would like to leave you with,it is that you shouldn’t try to control their happiness or force it on them. They need your guidance and support, but their own freedom to be kids and explore, just as much. Parents can’t make their children feel happiness, but they should rather take a step back and allow them to build their own skills and create their own happiness.


Written by Gabriella Diesendorf

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