Love vs Hate

Written by – Karen Belton

Parenting has its ups and downs, good and bad. At TwoTinyHands Dave and I parent our son we affectionately call the Robot.  Ultimately we enjoy being parents but here are a few of the Good vs the Bad bits:

Love – baby carrying

I’ve carried the Robot since he was 3 days old. Infact it was something I was adamant I wanted to do. I didn’t buy a Pram or a stroller. I went along to my local sling library, Morecambe Bay Slings and hired a stretchy Close Caboo. Then progressed from sling to sling and now I own my own woven wrap.  I’ve fallen in love with baby carrying and it’s something I will do as long as possible.  I’ve learnt to back carry him now so it’s even easier.

Hate – he’s getting heavier

I’m blessed with quite a small baby but at one years old he is starting to get heavy! This is starting to impact on my baby carrying.  I can still carry but the length of time I can do it for is getting shorter.  No more long hikes in the hills, unless I make Dave carry him!

Love – watching the speed he learns

It’s pretty unbelievable how quickly babies learn new things.  I look at my little man now standing up learning to walk and think wow a year ago he was just a teeny little thing. It is amazing to watch.  That little brain must be working so hard, it’s just brilliant.

Hate – this means he gets into everything!

With all the learning comes all the exploration.  Nothing is safe and no amount of baby proofing will help me! He’s in cupboards, climbing stairs, falling over, eating everything, there is no stopping him.  Dare I try.  It’s all out war with all the tears and screams!


Love – camping and adventures

We love the outdoors and like to go out exploring and finding new things to see and do.  Heading off on our bikes with a tent and a semi plan is our idea of fun. We love involving the Robot in this. Seeing how curious and observant of the world just makes me happy.  All the fresh air is a bonus too, nothing like H2O to get him to sleep at the end of the day!

Hate – coming home

Being away with the family is fantastic but coming home with bags of dirty washing, tents that need drying and stuff that needs putting away is the worst.  It is also inevitable that the baby slept on the way home so has bundles of energy. Needs feeding and definitely won’t sleep when he normally does. We parents are often even more tired and cranky than usual through all the awake traveling!

Overall the good definitely out ways the bad no end.  There is always more good to be had in most situations.  All the Robot has to do is smile at me and my heart melts!


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