Nursery | Right, Wrong or Neccessary?

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Is it right, wrong or just necessary?

I look back to November 2016, this was the last month of Catherine’s paid maternity leave and with a house sorted for the 3 of us to move into just after Christmas, we couldn’t do that on one wage so Catherine had to go back to work.

Cue night after night of writing pages and pages of calculations of how we were going to run a household and fit in those mammoth nursery fees. Luckily Catherine was able to get late afternoon shifts meaning we didn’t have to pay for full days (thank god) and as she was only part time, we only had to do this 3 days a week but even so the bill still stretches to massive £350 every month! This is 3/4 of what I pay rent on a 3 bedroom house.
Even more depressing is after you take the nursery cost away from Cat’s wages we are left with only just over £200 and as we all know in this time that doesn’t go far.

It’s so frustrating to be penalised by my wages although I don’t do bad in my job, I am no way on enough money to provide for everything that my family needs although the government see’s it this way. The only way we can get financial help is by putting William into nursery. Cat would be way better off not being with me at all as she would get a council property, help with rent, council tax and family tax credits.

How is that right in this day and age. 

But the point is we had to do it. Now we had to decide which nursery got the most important job of caring for our 9 month old baby boy. To keep him safe and more importantly entertained for 4 hours. We are lucky as there are a selection of different nurseries within a short distance of where we live. So we checked prices and Cat went to visit the different options then we made our minds up.

I still remember the first day I passed him over to one of the nursery nurses and had to put every part of my trust in that person to look after my little boy. It was the hardest experience ever and yes there were tears. I’m not going to lie I clocked watched for every minute he was in there wondering what he was doing, was he having fun. Turns out he did.

I sit here now after William has been in nursery for around 6 months and do I think it’s worth the money!!

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The answer is yes and no.

There have been many times I just wish that we could be the ones raising our boy full time.

For example I picked him the other day and William had been saying a new word and me and Catherine or one of our family members were not the ones to hear that for the first time and that made me sad. What if he takes those first independent steps at nursery when he should be doing that at home with his family. Why can’t we just be able to raise this boy all by ourselves.

But there are some positives.

1.  Cat gets to be at work with adults, which after being a full time mum to William for 9 months was most definitely needed.
2. With William being an only child being in nursery means he can socialise and interact with other children his own age.
3. It means that we don’t have attachment issues with William and he is happy to be around others without me and Catherine there.
4. He is learning new things.
5. His smiling face when I pick him up.

Now these are my opinions and mine alone and I’m sure there may be some that read this that won’t agree with this and have friends that work in the industry but like I say this is my opinion and it’s my blog post so there. 

Maybe I read to much into it but William seems to eat way more different foods at nursery but won’t eat them at home?!

Also I know how much he eats and he always seems to finish his dinner at nursery but never at home well not very often?!

Also for the amount of money we pay they have a lot of meals with mince?!

Also when I pick him up I don’t see the staff playing with William they are just sat down talking to eachother?!

Maybe I’m trying to pick fault because although William is happy, if we could he wouldn’t be there and he is our boy and we only want the best for him. All in all the staff are really nice and William has no issues going so he must have fun but I just maybe expect more for my money. I just wish that it was more of a choice rather than it being what we have to do to survive!

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