A Shout-Out To Single Parents

Single parents! You are amazing!

I could leave this post at that sentence and be done with it because pretty much, that’s what this post is all about. As a married mother of two kids aged 3 and under, I will admit that at times it’s a struggle. I have the support of my husband but even so it is easy to lose my rag as the girls can drive me absolutely potty! Especially when it comes to the potty! My toddler is still struggling with getting her around the idea of potty training but that’s a whole other discussion!!

My Recent Struggle…

Let me take you back to the beginning of this week. Cue a sickness bug (and a headcold) for me and littlest, a toddler recovering from last week’s constipation battle, all I can say is tempers were not at their best. After a pretty shitty day with them whinging and whining I snapped. At 5.30pm I locked myself in the toilet and banged my head against the wall. All the while, the two of them were outside banging on the door and crying. Oh and posting me books from under the door. Have you seen that American mother locking herself in the pantry? Think that but without the benefit of sweets!

After gathering myself together I walk out to have the toddler have a tantrum – and I still don’t know why! Dadi walks in and I instantly hand over the reigns to him and get to the kitchen to make food. I never thought that cooking food would be my sanctuary!

So To All Single Parents…

Getting back to my point of single parenthood – I stood back that evening and took stock of how lucky I actually am to be able to palm my kids off to Dadi as he comes home from work. Single parents do not have that luxury and oh my god my I don’t know how you do it. Seriously, my hat goes off to you!

So here’s my simple shout out to all you single parents out there.


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