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Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales 

When Parents Get Poorly Too!

So recently our household was hit by a particularly nasty viral lurgy, which hit pretty much all four of us… it also just so happened to coincide with our eldest’s 3rd birthday.  Which obviously made the day EVEN more special… So instead of the lovely day out we had planned, the day was peppered with present opening, Calpol, cuddles and whining.

As a parent we all know it’s pretty shitty when your small ones are poorly, have a raging temperature and just not appearing to get better despite pumping them full of paracetamol. It’s one of those things you really can’t do much about and you just feel helpless and a totally shit crap mummy because nothing really seems to work. 

What magnifies that, of course, is when you – the shit crap mummy – are feeling as poorly as they do.  You know, when all you actually want to do is crawl back into your pit and call your own mum to look after you. Sadly, there are two small humans needing you 24/7 (essentially the normal amount of time but feels worse) with hot sad faces, the sugar high crazed demands, followed by whimpers and tears (or crash) when the Calpol has worn off.


So in all everyone getting sick is possibly the hardest and most miserable time for all.

  • No sleep for anyone under the same roof: With the smallest coughing so hard she is puking, then crying for milk, then puking that up… vicious cycle right!  And then you lie awake waiting for it to happen again… and when you start to doze off because you haven’t heard anything for the past hour… your eldest calls out and won’t go back to sleep unless you stroke her head until she dozes off…

TIP: Why not put their bedding in their rooms – nothing like rummaging through the linen cupboard in the dark at 2am. And if like me, you only have one rubber sheet per child, bulk buy Dry Nite sheets which are fab for last minute messes. The last tip I have is call your boss, explain the situation and make sure you take the time you need to get yourself and your family well. These days, we are all too busy to take the day or two we need to make that complete recovery. Take that sick day off, get that cozy tracky on, cuddle up with your poorly babies and catch up on your Disney films.

  • Knowing when you should see the Doctor – with so many articles, pictures, warnings on social media, it’s so hard to know when you should go to the Doctor. With my first baby, I was possibly in the surgery every week freaking out over everything little thing.  This time I think we have been in twice… with one visit to the hospital following suspected dehydration following a yukky viral tummy bug. Every time we have been in she has been fine because we have been seen promptly. Of course, this time again there was no need to go to the doctors… despite both having temps of 102 and coughing consistently through the night. By the time, we get to the docs both of them have perked up considerably to the point that they are entertaining the patients in the waiting room. So you feel a bloody twit for even booking the appointment… and you feel you have to defend your reasons why you are there when both appear to be just fine.

TIP: In this situation I ring 111 if you are worried, every time we have called them they have been nothing but amazing in helping us have the girls seen promptly. One other tip I can share, is actually one from one of my other mummy friends who had real issues getting the Doctor to prescribe something for her daughters Croup – take a pic or video of when they are at their worst so it helps you present your case, especially if Calpol momentarily makes them feel better!


  • Breaking Point… The whining… oh god the whining… I swear this was my breaking point. Toddlers really don’t make good patients…and just remind you I wanted to curl up and die on the sofa with a Lemsip… my eldest really put me through my paces.

‘Mummy, I want to watch a film…’ DVD on, we settle down, 2 mins in…

‘Mummy, not this one… I want the other one’…

‘Mummy I want a drink’

‘Mummy, I am hot, Mummy, I am cold’

and the day continues in that vein… with indecision over meals, toys, which damn potty to use…

with you eventually wishing your name wasn’t Mummy

Of course I have no tips on this one. I guess smile, nod, get the treats in for you and them, and follow tip number 1.

Eat, sleep, rest, repeat!

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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