Our ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Father’s Day – #Ad

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Ooh that was a lovely sleep, I feel refreshed and no back, ear or rib ache either AND it’s 10am.

How nice does that sound? Isn’t that what happens on Father’s Day? NOPE! Just the usual being kicked, kneed and thumped in the back, ear and ribs in no particular order and 10am, try 6. I’ve not woken naturally for 4 and half years, strangely that’s how old my son is.

We’ve teamed up with SMA ® Baby Club  on their ‘perfectly imperfect’* Father’s Day campaign

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It’s Our Day!

No doubt I’ll be posting a nice ‘Yay we’re awake and it’s Father’s Day picture’, only ours will look like a motion capture of all hell breaking loose at 6am.

Breakfast in bed, that’s another myth only seen on TV isn’t it. Breakfast in bed for us is when Corben spots some left over Thai Sweet Chilli crisps my wife and I were munching on watching Netflix the night before. We once had half an Oreo and two smarties for breakfast, I’ll not tell you where we found the Oreo…

Waking up to your child being the first thing you see though is never a bad thing. I’ll never forget the morning I woke to Corben jumping up and down on the bed shouting ‘Wakey wakey Daddy, it’s waking time!’ If that’s not the perfect alarm then what is?

Surely your kid no matter how old they are realise that on Father’s Day they are to be good as gold. Maybe for once, just once they won’t turn into Bruce Lee when you’re trying to put their socks on, I mean it’s Father’s Day please just put your damn socks on!

The weather is usually average around Father’s Day and average is good in the UK we don’t want to get carried away. So maybe a nice walk out around the lake, a bit of family time. Unless saying ‘Please, just come away from the edge of the water’ 387 times is a nice walk out then go ahead. Oh not forgetting the ‘can we just go home now’ on repeat constantly 30 seconds after arriving. Having said that, capturing the smile on his face the first time a huge swan ate a piece of bread he’d thrown was priceless and definitely brightened up the trip out.

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How about ordering Dad’s favourite, after all it’s my day. Well last year I went simple, McDonalds. My 4 and half year old deciding just as I was to take a bite that actually he did want the burger I ordered and not his nuggets. Chicken Nugget Happy Meal was my treat last Father’s Day.

‘Come on now mate, we’ve had a ‘fun’ day haven’t we. We’ve had breakfast in bed, karate lesson, a walk around the lake and some nice food. It’s 10:20pm and we’ll be up at 6am for the school run and the rest of it won’t we. Pleeeease go to sleep mate, please!’

‘But I’m hungry, I want an Oreo and I want to tell you every single detail of our day four times.’ ‘Go on then son, I’d love nothing better.’

– The inevitable conversation that night and one I’ll never get bored of hearing.

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Still, even though Father’s Day doesn’t quite turn out as planned, it’s a day where you can wing parenting with your new socks on and after using your new nose hair trimmer. I find on Father’s Day everyone makes that extra effort to do things perfectly imperfect together, as a family and what could be more perfect than that…

If you would like to find out more visit SMA ® Baby Club Father’s day page today.

Happy Father’s Day

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