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Written by Emily | Twin Mummy and Daddy

I started Twin Mummy and Daddy back in June 2012, four months after the birth of my twin girls. Before blogging I’d kept an online diary on a fertility forum. I wrote about the IVF treatment my husband and I were undergoing, but when we discovered that we were pregnant, it didn’t feel right to share this on the fertility forum. That’s why I started my blog.

My very first posts were about our IVF journey and then I moved on and wrote about the pregnancy and premature birth of our children, as well their time in special care. Our twins are almost five years old now, so I tend to write more general parenting posts and other topical things that take my fancy, as well as the odd fitness post, review, craft post and other things!

A few years into blogging, I started to think about how amazing it would be for my husband to start a blog of his own. In some ways I thought that it would help give him a better understanding of why I’m always on the laptop or my phone, as I don’t think he quite understood how I could spend hours on social media and blogging! In truth he used to get a bit annoyed at how much time I was spending online and I can understand why!

My husband wasn’t sure about the idea of starting his own blog. I think he lacked the confidence of what he would write about, but I think he also worried that no-one would find what he had say interesting. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Blogging Couples

Back in September 2014, my husband, Nigel, finally decided to start a blog! DIY Daddy was born and from its creation up until now, it’s had lots of success! Nigel was named in the top 10 Daddy Bloggers in the UK by Vuelio. His blog is very popular, people enjoy reading what he writes and I’m very proud of him!

The reason he started blogging is because he had an accident at work where he broke his wrist. He wasn’t able to work for a while, which meant he spent a lot of time at home and he got bored! Thank goodness for that accident! I don’t think he would have started a blog other wise!

The thing is though, now that we’re both bloggers, we both spend lots of time on our phones and laptop. In some ways it’s great because I know that Nige can’t get annoyed at me for it anymore, because he’s just as guilty as me for doing it! However, in some ways, I now find it annoying! Especially when we go out for the day with our girls and Nige spends most of the time on his phone or wants to take hundreds of pictures instead of just enjoying the moment! I’m guilty of this too, but Nige is definitely worse, although he’ll probably disagree!

Being a blogging couple is pretty cool though. We’ve shared some amazing experiences together as a result of our blogs. Take the time we took our children to London Zoo with You Tube Kids. That was pretty cool! There was also the time that we visited a local children’s hospice to find out about all of the amazing work they do. Without our blogs neither of these things would have been possible.

Now and again Nige does ask me to edit some of his posts. For the majority of the time I don’t mind doing this, but some nights I’d like to just sit and do nothing! A night without having to turn the laptop on or look at his phone to edit a post would be good! Don’t get me wrong I don’t edit his posts every night, but some nights he’ll ask me to edit three or four, and that’s on top of me having my own blog posts to edit!

We do have some very fun times together too. Like the video we did of us both racing up and down our living room in the girls ride on cars!

Being a blogging couple is pretty special. We both help each other out when we need to, and it’s something that we can talk to one another about as not many people outside of the blogging community fully understand all that it involves.


Written by Emily | Twin Mummy and Daddy

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