Santa is NOT real!

Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network

So, I personally don’t know anyone that hasn’t been told as a child that Santa exists!

There’s a minority of people that say we shouldn’t lie to our children, as it means they may not trust what we say etc etc… What bollocks!

There is also that one scruff in your kids year 4 class that shouts out “Santa isn’t real, it’s your Parents!!!”
The day of doom came when I was in year 5. Some little scruff in my class told us all straight, my suspicions were on the rise but he confirmed everything I thought. I wouldn’t usually search for presents but on this occasion after school I did!! There it was, I even ripped the wrapping paper slightly…NOW 32 on CD with a tag saying “Merry Christmas Luke’..I felt sick, I felt like crying. (NOW 32 was high on my list to Santa that year. Disc 1, song number 13, Blur- Country House…AMAZING!!)

It wasn’t the fact that my parents weren’t telling the whole truth, it was the fact that some shit bag had stolen the whole Santa story from me! How very dare he! I didn’t even bring it up with my parents, I carried on without a word, I wanted to keep the story alive, never did the conversation come. We just grew older and no words were needed.


Now being a Dad the Santa story is stronger than ever in our house. Why the heck not. My problem is that with the amount of tech, internet and TV my boys will find out the truth a lot sooner than I did. Outside our house there will be people all over voicing their opinions on the the existence of Santa!

You may believe in God, you may believe that Preston North End will play in the Premiership one day, the most important thing is to believe what you want and answer the questions your kids ask you in a positive way. Kids are strong and clever. Kids will say dumb stuff to each other and not think of the other kids feelings.

Just remember to tell your kids…
Santa is REAL, Santa EXISTS!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Written by Luke Woodhouse | Blended Parent Network

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