Start A Blog – The Basics!

It’s a new year, a fresh start and you want to start a blog. 

Right, well there’s a few things I’d recommend thinking about before you start. 

1 – What do you want to write about?

It’s probably best that you give this some thought before doing anything else. Are you a parent and want to record all the little milestones your little one hits, are you a tech enthusiast, a fashion guru or someone that travels a lot? Whatever your passion, start with that in mind. 

You may feel you want to merge several interests into one, that’s also fine, however I’d recommend starting with a main topic first and then you can evolve your blog into other areas later on. For instance, my blog started out with me rambling on about being a parent, then I’ve evolved sections that include home education, tech and blogging tips

2 – Your blog/website name

This for me is VITAL! Now you know what you’re going to be writing about, it’s time to choose a name for your blog/website. You need to think carefully about this because this will be your online identity. You need a name that relates to your chosen topic and also relates to you. I’ve written more specifically about this already so here’s the link to go check that out… Choosing A Blog Name – In short, your name needs to be Unique so no-one else has it and Easy to remember for everyone, not just yourself. 

3 – Social Media

I’d strongly advise you think about your social media handles (Names) at the same time as choosing your blog name. Where possible you really need to be keeping everything nicely synced. My blog/website is DadvWorld, so makes sense my Twitter is @dadvworld and then guess what my Instagram is, yep… dadvworld. It makes sense and helps when people want to check out your other platforms. There’s nothing more annoying (for me anyway) when you’re searching on Twitter for a great blog you’ve read from MumThatBlogs, only to find out their Twitter name is @primarkqueen (Apologies if anyone reading this happens to have these names I plucked them from thin air as an example), you get what I’m saying. 

4 – Where exactly do you write?

Having used the main two platforms, Blogger and WordPress, there’s only one winner for me, WordPress. There’s so much more room for manoeuvre and endless options/themes to choose from.  

So far it’s been plain sailing starting a blog, it’s just been deciding what you want and a name, pretty easy. This is where the fun starts and some technical jargon appears. Fear not, if you’re not particularly tech savvy it’s OK, we have more content coming soon helping on each specific step of what’s to follow from here. 

If your intensions are to write for fun and have something to look back on in a few years time and purely share your writing, then it’s easy. Go to and click ‘Get Started’. If you have ideas of world domination and becoming a ‘Pro Blogger’, then I’d suggest looking at self-hosting and buying your domain (Website name) from the off and creating a WordPress blog/website via a company such as TSOHost.  

Don’t let that scare you off if you’re wondering what the hell self-hosting and domains are etc, I wondered not so many months ago and it’s easier than it sounds. Also you can always start off directly with WordPress, set things up get a feel for it and expand, evolve and develop from there. 


Because this is the ‘Basics’ post, I’d say leave it there for now. If you’re thinking of starting a blog then go through these points first. We have plenty more content to come where we will target specific areas of blogging. We will provide you with tips, tricks and strategies that we’ve tried and tested and stole from others! 

If you have any other questions, regardless of what stage of blogging you’re at, fire them at us! We don’t, won’t and never will claim to be the font of all knowledge, but we have Google so…… 

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