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Let’s face it the thought of cooking Christmas dinner for the family is slightly daunting and a tad stressful but fear not if you follow our timeline and recipe to a Taylor Made Christmas Dinner I can guarantee you that your Christmas day will be stress-free.

A good Christmas dinner is essentially a roast dinner with some bells and whistles but there are two things that you must get right to make it a success; preparation and timing. Get this right and I can promise you that you will sail through Christmas day with enough time to open some presents, take the kids to the park and kick back and relax with a big old glass of Baileys on ice!

This post assumes two things; number one that you are a parent and number two that you are not a chef; got that? Good so let’s get started;

I will start with our timeline and then get into the finer detail of the recipe below. We put this together three years ago and it has seen us through three happy Christmas days and is absolutely fool-proof and fail-safe.

The timeline is based on you being up bright and early with the little ones and sat down to eat for 2:30 p.m. allowing plenty of time to get plates cleared in time to sit down for the Queen’s speech at 3 p.m.

Before we start here is a before and after photo to show you what you could be experiencing; just look at the joy on my face….

This Christmas dinner is based on using the traditional turkey as the meat the time guide is 3 3/4 hours to 4 1/4 hours for a 14 to 18 lb bird so we cook ours for 4 hours as we have a 16 lb turkey.


08:00: Prepare turkey & peel veg
08:30: Put turkey in the oven
12:30: Take turkey out of the oven and wrap in a layer of tin foil to conceal the heat
12:30: Boil the potatoes
12:40: Put the potatoes in the oven
13:00: Put the parsnips and carrots in the oven
13:35: Make the stuffing
13:45: Make the gravy
14:00: Boil the cabbage and Brussel sprouts
14:10: Fry the pancetta
14:15: Carve the turkey
14:30: Serve!


The above covers the bare essentials to any Christmas dinner and If you pimp it up with some pigs in blankets or Yorkshire puddings just chuck them into the timeline according to the cooking instructions.

We start with preparing the turkey and we like to create a lovely golden crisp glaze to the skin of the bird. To do this I pierce the skin with a knife around the base of the neck several times so you create little pockets. I then take some crushed up garlic and add it to some seasoned butter in a bowl, mash that all together to make a smooth mixture.

Then get messy and massage the garlic butter under the skin of the turkey so it spreads over the meat and finish off by smothering any excess on the outside of the bird’s skin.

Cooking roast potatoes is one of the key elements as you want to get them nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Boil your potatoes for 10 minutes then drain the water and give them a real vigorous shake around in a colander to beat them up and get them all fluffy.

This is what they should look like:

In the meantime put a good tablespoon of duck fat in a roasting tray and whack it in the oven at gas mark 6.

Once the duck fat has melted put your potatoes in along with some cuts of fresh rosemary and a few cloves of bashed up garlic if you fancy. Give the tray a good old shake and get it in the oven as per the timeline above.

We roast our carrots and parsnips, they just need a good few lugs of some quality olive oil and some seasoning on them before they go in the oven.

This year we are going with this excellent recipe from Jamie Oliver for our stuffing (link:http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pork-recipes/stuffing/) .

The other little Taylor Made twist is some lovely crisp pancetta on your brussel sprouts. The pancetta adds a gorgeous salty crunch to the sprouts and really makes them sing.

Lastly boil your cabbage and brussel sprouts and once drained leave them to sit in a colander for 2 minutes just to let off some steam before they join the party.

Then all that you need to do is carve your turkey and load up each plate with an equal selection of Taylor Made heaven and job’s done; one happy cook, one happy family and absolutely no stress or worry.

We would love to hear your own take on Christmas dinner and would love to know if this little guide has been of use so please stick your comments below.

Merry Christmas and until next time….

Be excellent to each other.

The Taylors xxx.


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