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Written by Nigel Higgins | DIY Daddy Blog
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People who may read my blog will know I’m a dad of five children ranging in ages from 21 down to four year old twins. So being a parent for a ridiculous amount of years you can imagine how many times I have been irritated. OMG ! It’s lots and lots and lots!

When your children are born there is an overwhelming feeling of love and you instantly think how perfect they are. Then you get home and of course it’s perfect. We are a family, woohoo!

This can disappear so quickly after two days when you’re eyes are finding it difficult to stay open and this is when you’re driving to work, you are more tired in the mornings than when you went to bed the night before!

Your children, believe me, will continue to irritate for years to come and here are some of those moments over the last 20 or so years.


1. Toddlers can of course be fun and happy and they lull you into a false sense of security. It’s like the electric switch, all of sudden you hear screaming, crying and they’re totally beside themselves. Panic sets in! What’s wrong darling? I can’t find my dummy or I coloured the wrong bit on my picture. Really? I thought you had lost a leg! You know something serious had happened!

2. As your children grow up and they leave that toddler stage, of course the belief is that you can reason with them. Haha! Not a chance! A great example of this that really winds me up is bedtime and getting their pj’s on. Why does it take an hour or more and reduce me to tears pleading with them to get ready for bed?!

3. Another one that never ceases to irritate me is, we’re going to be late for school, please! How long does it really take to get ready and put shoes on and leave?

Then we move into the teen years and this is a completely different level of irritation because teens know everything and to be totally honest teens are put on this earth to quite simply irritate parents!


4. One that I have always found incredible was one my daughters had been on a sleepover and I would get a phone call when I was in work and she would say can you pick me up, I’m a mess and I have no way of getting home. When I get there she is still in her pj’s and yes her legs don’t work!

5. This leads me on to a similar annoyance of legs not working. It’s raining and I get a phone call, dad, can you pick me up from school? I will get wet.

6. When they are teenagers and they have a big party coming up that wonderful statement of I have nothing to wear and I will look like a tramp, and all my friends will look fabulous, and when I say she means 150 friends really!

7. My son woke up the other day saying my neck hurts, I think I have slept awkward. What should I do? Really irritating when he says I don’t think I can go to work. Why? Buy some deep heat and massage it! You’re 17 years old, you will be fine!

8. There is one particular thing that really irritates me about teenagers when they don’t plan anything. Maybe it’s a characteristic of teenagers I don’t know, but you get that moment when they say I will be late and it will be all your fault. Really? My fault? Try organising your time properly.


Our children if we are honest, will always do things to annoy or irritate us. Through the years it is, I guess one of the joys or pains of being a parent.

For me though I wouldn’t swap a single moment. Children complete you and give your life a meaning and purpose and I love them all so very much.

Written by Nigel Higgins | DIY Daddy Blog

Top 10 UK Dad Blogger 2016 (Vuelio)

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4 thoughts on “Things My Children Do To Irritate Me

  • Karen Bolton

    Well I have 2 teenagers and the most irritating thing they do is constantly wear earphones, and I mean constantly!! It’s impossible to have a conversation! I could be chatting away and suddenly realise they have no clue I’m talking. It’s so irritating! If they are in their bedrooms and I’m calling them from downstairs for tea, for example, there’s not a hope of me getting a response! Which then involves me going upstairs, which can be quite annoying!!
    So if you like being ignored have teenagers!! There’s nothing quite like it !!

    • Blended Parent Network Post author

      I hear you!! My girls are 11 & 12 so not quite teenagers but we seem to have hit that stage! Only the other night I didn’t bother shouting them for tea, I just sent a text and left it on the side 👍😀😂

      Thanks for reading and commenting really appreciate it 😀

  • Becster

    My girls are both under 3 so I’m still in the baby/toddler phase of irritation. My current source of irritation is the baby either doing the “plank” or “octopus” when it comes to getting dressed or changing a nappy. I utter the phrase “Good God why do you make it so bloody difficult” at least 5 times a day!

    It’s good to know it doesn’t get any better as they get older!! 😀