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Written by Ryan | Dadsapp

I’ve been on holiday with the family once before but my son was only 6 weeks old then and was easy as anything. So I’m going to count this as my first real abroad holiday with kids. Also, this list is what I’ve learnt as a dad on holiday. My wife knew all of this stuff and so a lot of mums might read this and say ‘like, duh’. So, here are my tips for you if you’re travelling abroad for the first time with a little human in tow.

1. Pay for Hold Luggage.

OK, you might have gone for the package deal and so this isn’t a thing for you. You also might think I’m crazy to even consider not taking hold luggage. I thought I was being clever and was really proud that we as a family of 4 packed for a 10 day holiday in 3 Ryanair carry on bags. However, they’re carry on bags so when you’re chasing a 1 year old around the departure lounge, you begin to wish you didn’t also have 3 bags to… carry on.

It may be cheaper flying without a checked bag, but you’ll probably need to check the buggy and travel cot so you’re not even avoiding the check-in desk. Just pay the little extra.

2. Pack A LOT of snacks.

Getting kids to eat anything healthy can be difficult at the best of times. But when you’re abroad, it’s hot and the food in the restaurants & shops are all different to what you might find back home, it can even more difficult.

If you know that your kids will eat a particular packaged food say fruit bars, fruit roll ups or oatcakes (maybe just a Scottish thing) then make sure you leave room in your luggage. Which leads me to…

3. Don’t pack so many clothes.

Look, it’s hopefully gonna be sunny, you won’t actually know anyone on holiday and it’s amazing what you can do with a few different Instagram filters. You can totally get away with wearing the same t-shirt or sun dress more than once during your holiday.

It might be tempting to pack half your wardrobe but I can guarantee you’ll come home with unworn clothes. Also, depending on the type of holiday you’re going on you could probably just do a wash if it gets that bad. Or just use double deodorant 😉

4. Calpol sachets, Pack them!

Yeah I didn’t even know they existed until 2 weeks ago and we were trying to figure out what size bottles we were allowed on Ryanair’s flight. I also suggest packing Antihistamines!

At some point on this holiday your kid or at least one of them is gonna feel unwell, from allergies, too much sun, bad food or the sort of bug kids pick up just by looking at other kids. It’s inevitable.

Other things worth packing Chamomile Lotion, Mosquito Spray, Plasters, oh and Sun Cream/After Sun… Obviously 😬😨

5. Take deep breaths, It’s your holiday! 😁

It’s your holiday, you’ve slugged away at work for months with this in the calendar. You’ve imagined every day how this holiday is going to go.

I don’t want to be the one who breaks this to you but I like you and want to be up front. This holiday isn’t going to go exactly as you envisioned. There are gonna be blips and there are going to be meltdowns (parents and children).

But this is your holiday and a few deep breaths every now and then are going to get you through the tricky spots. Enjoy yourself, relax and keep the beers coming!

× Bonus tip ×

If you’re going to a pretty hot country avoid the mid day sun. There’s a reason people take siestas. When the sun’s at its hottest be sure to cream up and rest. The kids will appreciate it too.
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