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Written by Daddy Poppins

This is a shout out to books. I LOVE BOOKS!!

Let me be straight here, I don’t read enough. Don’t get me wrong I still read but I tend to be on the internet, browsing, skimming through articles and posts, picking at the stuff I want to read from news sites etc. or up to my eyes in kids stuff; nappies, playing on the floor, laundry etc. It seems like you never have a chance to sit down and read for pleasure as an adult. Maybe a few minutes before bed (before you can’t keep your eyes open any longer, due to the aforementioned ‘kids stuff’) but in general life these days just doesn’t provide any ‘reading time’, you know what I mean. That page turner; the book you start at 9 o’clock one night thinking “I’ll read the first chapter or two of this” and next thing you know it’s bright and you’re thinking ‘there’s only 2 chapters left, I may as well finish it now’ (The Netflix binge of my generation)

Anyway, I digress, just because I don’t get to read as much as I’d like doesn’t take away my love for books! Or hamper me in passing on that love for books to my kids. I love how books make you feel, the imagination you use picturing the scene that a good author has set. I bet you can remember reading (or having it read to you) one of Roald Dahl’s books as a child, for some reason ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ sticks out to me, I think it’s the pace and feeling of mischief in the words as George fills the pots with all kinds of everything that did it for me. One of my best memories of books is another Roald Dahl classic, ‘The Witches’, I was too young to read it, in fact, probably too young to have it read to me but I remember it well. The TV was turned off on a Sunday night and my father would cuddle up on the couch with all 3 of his kids and he’d read us the story. We got about 2-3 chapters every week and then the book was put away. All of us begging to hear what happened next. (With no option to skip ahead and sneakily watch the next episode, like some Netflix cheaters I know) He always stopped on a cliff-hanger too.

I want my kids to feel that feeling. Have those memories and gain the benefits that I felt I gained by being read to at an early age. So, although I don’t read ‘adult books’ these days I do spend a good portion of my day reading to the little ones (and I must admit as Ben gets older, I am getting some good laughs off his books).

World Book Day 2017

There are so many benefits to reading with your kids;

  • it gives great one to one time which helps build your relationship
  • by snuggling up together to read you encourage a positive relationship with reading as they grow
  • it increases their vocabulary and develops their imagination
  • it helps them with their listening skills
  • it will give them good memories for the future
  • it promotes increased communication with your kids
  • it gives them tools to do well in school/life
  • it develops their concentration
  • it can provide an avenue of explanation (we recently read Ben a book about a little boy’s dog passing away to help him over the death of our family pet)


So Thursday the 2nd of March is World Book Day, I’d encourage you to go out, pick up a book and share a moment with your child. Hopefully in years to come they’ll remember sitting back and reading the story together just as I do with my father.

If they’re young then Daddy Poppins highly recommends anything by Julia Donaldson; the Snail and the Whale, the Gruffallo etc. but I’m sure you’ve heard and read her stuff before.

World Book Day 2017


But If you are looking for something similar yet different I’d suggest ‘Vegetable Glue’ by Susan Chadler, a firm favourite in this house, about a girl who’s limbs keep falling off because she doesn’t eat vegetables.

If they are a little older then I’d go with anything by David Walliams, he seems to be the modern day Roald Dahl. His most famous one is Gangsta Granny, in which a seemingly mild mannered granny tries to steal the crown jewels.

Whatever you are reading, whether it be an ABC book to your infant or the Harry Potter with your young teen, try to encourage reading for pleasure in your kids. They mightn’t have time to when they are old like us and it’s both enjoyable and beneficial.

Have a great World Book Day 2017


Daddy P.


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One thought on “World Book Day 2017 – I Love Books!

  • dadbloguk

    Alas, I was a bad dad on World Book Day. I dear I was absent, 12,000 miles away in Australia. That said, my daughter went to school in a costume I had partly put together before leaving and she very nearly won the prize for best costume! Yes, your kids should see you read and you should read to them to encourage a love of reading. Great post.