Concord Wallabee Baby Carrier- Cosmic Black || REVIEW ||

It’s ten days until our baby arrives and I’ve decided that I’m going to start to babywear…

Concord Baby Carrier

More and more people are choosing the option to babywear and I’ve been on the look out for an easy to use baby carrier that has neutral colours, looks good and keeps the baby safe and comfortable.Leaving my hands free to be able to get on with day to day things is a massive bonus and my wife raves about carrying, so we were kindly sent the Concord Wallabee Baby Carrier- Cosmic Black from Kiddies Kingdom. Kiddies Kingdom has a massive range of baby essentials and a huge range of baby carriers to choose from to suit every parent/parent to be.

On receiving the carrier I loved the packaging. A company that takes care of the presentation of a product often means the product itself will be of good quality. There are plenty of instructions so you can’t go wrong and they are very easy to follow.

Having never used a carrier I was surprised at the ease of putting it on. In order to practice putting the carrier on, I had to use a teddy so I imagine it will be a tad more difficult but in general I cant see there been a problem.

Secure Velcro around the waist wasn’t going anywhere plus the added safety feature of a clip made the whole carrier feel very secure. The Wallabee can be used from birth (3.5kgs) and when the baby is four months it can also be put onto your back. My wife is a pro with these carriers and assures me it will be easy to do, due to the design of the Wallabee and the easy to follow instructions.

Check out the review video I did for the carrier here;

According to my wife she doesn’t think there’s a better carrier of this type on the market at the moment and she has tried a LOT of carriers. I feel much more comfortable about using a carrier now as I always thought they were a bit scary and I didn’t feel like I would be able to put one on. I will continue to practice with the teddy for the next few days and can’t wait to have our baby in the carrier and go off on some adventures.

So it’s a massive four thumbs up from us two and hopefully six thumbs up in ten days…eek!!!!

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