Dr Beckmann

‘It’s Dr Beckmann here, we want to send you some stuff to try out.’

‘OK, we will get our awesome BPN community to get their names in a hat and dramatically reveal 5 winners LIVE on Facebook. Those 5 can review it for you and we’ll let the world know what we think.’

‘Sounds cool.’


OK the conversation didn’t go quite like that, but you get the idea and the Facebook LIVE bit is true, do you remember Watch it HERE!

Well enough from me, all I did was pass on a few addresses, here’s what you lot thought…


Sarah Rowland | Blended Parent Network Community 🙂

Hello, firstly I’d like to say thank you for picking my name to try some of these products. I personally have never used them before but I have seen them being mentioned on blogs and social media. 

The first item I put to the test was the Dr Beckmann Service-it Washing machine cleaner. 

The 250ml bottle is more than enough to do the job, I have a 6kg drum Beko washing machine. 
I will admit I’ve never done a clean on my machine in the few years I’ve had it and was extremely shocked with the state of my machine, the results from start to finish where amazing! The service-it kit cleans and maintains your machine, eliminating residue and dirt which can be seen in the before and after photos. 
The directions of use are really easy to follow, pouring a small amount onto a cloth to clean the rubber seal around the door, rinse with a damp cloth. Soak the detergent draw for around 30 minutes in 50ml of the solution, then pour the rest into the detergent draw (once you place it back into your machine) and set the cycle going, they recommend a 60°c wash, of course you do all this with out putting clothes into the machine. 
The results where amazing, I was so shocked at the colour of the water whilst the cycle was running you could see it working. 
They recommend you do this clean every 2 months or after 30 wash cycles, in my house that would be every other week! But I’d definitely do it every few months from now on. 
I would happily give this a huge 10/10, it really does work well and would recommend to friends and family. 
Dr Beckmann
Natalie Millett | Mumsvboy & Blended Parent Network Community 🙂

I have just finished using the deep clean washing machine cleaner and do I wish I had another box the answer to that is yes as my machine only stayed fresh for about an hour as my son decided to get violently ill and my brand new shiny clean washing machine had to deal with all sorts.

This product works well even after the chair cover 3 sets of bedding and what felt like every item of clothing me and William own, it still smelt and looked pretty clean so gets a thumbs up from me !!!!👍👍👍

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Angela Wassell | Blended Parent Network Community

Firstly thank you for giving me the opportunity to review these products. They are products I have always thought looked great but never actually bought or used any. These were the items I received.

Firstly I tried the dishwasher cleaner. I was pleasantly surprised to see a door wipe for the seals in with the product as I wouldn’t think to clean them and thought it was a nice additional touch to what I am used to with previous cleaners I have bought. After using the cleaner the dishwasher smelt lovely and fresh and looked clean. I didn’t feel it was any cleaner from using this brand to previous products I have bought and for that reason unless similar in price I wouldn’t necessarily switch to Dr Beckmann.

Secondly I tried the colour and dirt collector. I was actually surprised by what it picked up (as you can see in the picture). This is something I have never thought to buy before and not sure what difference it would actually make to my washing but if I saw this product on offer then I would potentially buy it knowing it clearly does something.

Lastly I used the stain devils. I have two young children so this is a product that would be used a lot in my house. I used this on the newborn insert of the car seat as my little boy had an accident and marked it and also he has had some weeping cradle cap which left the headrest marked. I followed the instructions on the carton and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The liner didn’t come up completely stain free but because the stain on the headrest part had been there a few weeks I wasn’t expecting much and it came up cleaner than I expected. I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to other people.

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So there you have it, the BPN Community has spoken and it says YES to Dr Beckmann products. I wish I’d have been greedy now and kept them for myself 🙂
Here, go have a look at the Dr Beckmann website CLICK ME!
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