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Written by Sarah Lloyd | Mumbie Tales

Our Review of Ella’s Kitchen Snacks!

So this is a little late as it’s taken this long to get un-packed after our trip to Center Parcs (Kidding!) which is where most of our review took place. Back in January the lovely people at Ella’s Kitchen sent us a big box of goodies for my daughters Lucy and Amy to review and ‘feedback on’ Geddit… no?

So here goes, first the unboxing:



Luckily no children where around at the precise moment the big red box turned up, so I got a chance to actually see what we had been sent!  In amongst the brightly colored packets we got the following:

  • 1 x bag of Carrot + Lentil Crunchy Sticks
  • 1 x bag of Cheese + Leek Crunchy Wheels
  • 1 x grab me bags of Fruity Puffs
  • 1 x bag of Raspberry + peach crunchy wheels
  • 2 x bags of Parsnip + poppy savory biscuits
  • 1 x box Strawberry Oaty Bars
  • 1 x box Banana Oaty Bars

My girls (Amy – 1yr old) and (Lucy – 3yr old) are massive fans of Ella anyway, they regularly suck down a ‘Red’ or ‘Pink’ or ‘Purple’ pouch as pudding or as a snack so I knew that there wouldn’t be much left of this box of goodies once they had dug in.  And the timing couldn’t have been better, given we were off to Center Parks with my Mum and sister and her brood of boys (Luke – 10mths, and Jack – 3yrs) the next day so these where the perfect travelling / after swimming snacks!

The first packet that was devoured was the grab bag of Fruity Puffs – I even got a quote from Lucy ‘Mummy these puffs are delicious’ now I am not sure if she was quoting Peppa Pig, or this is was heartfelt but I’m taking it anyway.  Tick from us!

The next to hit tummies where the Carrot sticks and Parsnip biscuits.  These where put in a pile on the floor in front of the four kiddies and then all three of us adults stood back to see the reaction. It was like watching a lit firework or fizzing hand grenade.

The elder of the two, got straight in there and grabbed the carrot sticks, demanding they be opened ‘NOW’ and the earlier screaming and shouting replaced by loud crunching (it became a game… who could crunch the loudest). The younger and arguably slower chose to dribble on the packets left, and once opened started to use the Parsnip Biscuits as glorified teethers, going after any dropped carrot sticks that had jumped out of the toddlers packets…

Carrot Sticks – Winner! Parsnip biscuits edible but second choice! 

Whilst at Center Parcs we took all the kids to various activities to wear them out – one in particular, the Kids zone session – where they had an hour of racing around in a sports hall equipped with Little Tikes slides and cars  – is great value for money if you have small kiddies, it was perfect for our four. So after these activities, they were furnished with Oaty bars and packets of Cheese Crunchy wheels to keep their energies up / ensure there were no ‘food related’ tantrums where possible.

All four children loved the Oaty bars in both flavours, so they didn’t last long at all.


Big Tick for Oaty bars!

All in all every single bag of snacks has been consumed (or thrown around the back of the car / lounge) by our children.

So in my mind that is a positive review – especially as our toddlers like to be a picky about their food!

The only word of caution I have is to keep an eye on your 10 / 12 month olds when consuming, because whilst the snacks are perfect size for little hands once they eat / suck/ chew half the snack they can get too small for them to deal with, so I was taking half chewed biscuits away to crumble them down a bit more into smaller pieces (to avoid the cough / vom often favoured by my youngest) so Amy could finish them.

That said, I always add Ella’s Kitchen products to my trolley and have done since they were tiny, not just because the packets look good, but because the natural ingredients are always outlined on the coloured packaging. As a ‘Working / Lazy / Never has Fruit in the house’ mum these snacks are win-win for me.

Overall we really enjoyed reviewing Ella’s kitchen’s snacks, our stand out winners or favourites where the Oaty Bars and the Carrot Sticks

Thank you Ella’s Kitchen

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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