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Hi, I’m Luke!!

Blended Parent Network was founded by myself in the summer of 2016

My background online, is having a YouTube channel with my family where we post daily vlogs over at My wife, two boys and myself have done over 800 days of vlogs which is quite a feat!!

During my time doing family vlogs I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of brands and companies, I’ve spoken at YouTube and other conventions and had the pleasure of also working with other mum and dad networks enjoying it that much I decided to start my own!! I wanted to create a network where ALL parents could come and get support, information and advice relating to all things parenting.

Blended Parent has a mixture of blogs, vlogs, product reviews, local and national parenting news, giveaways and much more! As Blended Parent gathered pace I needed some help. Jessica, Gavin and Victoria came to my rescue and helped over on our Facebook Page becoming admins and have been a great help keeping Blended Parent social! I then felt I was becoming overwhelmed managing all other aspects of the network but carried on.

It was at this point I went for a coffee with a friend I met through doing vlogs with The Dad Network.

We had a coffee a good chat and went on our way. That evening we were chatting away and joked about teaming up at some point on some work that then escalated to becoming a team over at Blended Parent. I’ll let David tell you a little about himself and his background.

Ayup, David here…

So my background in regards the online world is currently short and sweet. I started my own Blog only 8 months ago – After a few months of writing I decided I would give the whole YouTube thing a go too

Fast forward another few months and I’ve now managed to have worked for several Networks and Brands in both Blogging and Vlogging capacities meeting some great people along the way. I also met Luke… 🙂

As Luke already said, we met up purely because we had a good online friendship and thought it would be a good idea to meet in real life! Turns out it was probably the best idea we’ve had! Our families met, we all got on great and later that evening a joke turned into a rough business idea.

And here we are.

Our vision for Blended Parent Network to become a helpful, engaging, positive environment for ALL families, is driven by a shared passion, to be the best parents we can be.


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