We’ve all done it, come on admit it. We’ve received a gift card knowing full well we’re never going to spend it in the shop it’s for.

Another thing we’ve done is leave it until the last minute to buy someone a gift!

Enter ZEEK! ZEEK is a website and mobile app that allows you to not only sell those unwanted gift cards, but to buy ones you want at a knock down price. Cool aye!

So, you create an account, standard email and password, then log in. That’s when the fun starts. They have gift cards for absolutely tonnes of places, pretty much everywhere I would want one for, it was available. We usually get our girls iTunes vouchers as part of their birthday presents and stocking fillers at Christmas, they’re up to 6% cheaper as I write this. XBox and Playstation gift cards are usually a decent shout too, currently 3% off these.

The good people at ZEEK decided to let us have at it with £50 for any voucher we wanted. We ended up with a Toys R Us voucher, £50’s worth for only £48. OK not a massive saving but if you’re constantly buying vouchers several times a year it soon adds up. Plus the deals vary, sometimes you can save a lot more. We went with Toys R Us purely because the day before Corben had seen some awesome Nerf guns he wanted 🙂

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ZEEK isn’t just for buying though, as I mentioned earlier you can sell on there too. Enter the details of your voucher and how much you’d like back for it and that’s it!

The mobile app makes it so easy to use and a voucher purchase at a discounted rate is never further away than your pocket. You can opt for vouchers that are redeemable online, so when you’re late for a party and have forgotten the present, get on ZEEK purchase a voucher and BOOM, sorted!

If you refer a friend you get £5 too. Your friend gets £5… £5’s all round! There’s currently 200K+ people using ZEEK and saving daily on vouchers. I’ll leave the links below to their website and app, give it a go and let us know how much you save…

ZEEK Website

ZEEK Android App


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