Let’s work together!

If you’re a large brand, small company or anything in between, please do get in touch with us and let’s work together!

Blended Parent Network covers both video and written content as well as having a very fast growing social media presence across all major platforms.

The Blended Parent Network Facebook page has an incredible reach and the daily interaction with our posts is fantastic. Our Twitter and Instagram accounts are constantly active and regularly promote the flourishing content from our website.

Not only are we very pro-active on the written, blogging side of things, but our YouTube channel is set to explode with content ranging from product reviews to family days out and general parenting experiences.

Our Network is built on the basis that ALL parents and guardians are welcome and we are focused on providing all families with support, advice and information based on REAL life experiences from REAL parents.

What exactly can we do for you?

Using our Networks platform across all major social media we can offer…

  • Product Reviews – Blogs and/or Vlogs
  • Giveaways – Run through our Facebook Page and shared across all of the main social platforms
  • Sponsored Promotions across our social media accounts
  • Ad-Space on our website, including a link directly to your site
  • Creative Collaborations
  • WordPress Website Design (Re-design)
  • Website, Logo and Social Media account set-ups

We are very open to discuss any other requirements or opportunities you have.

In addition to Blended Parent Network – The Woodhouse Life and DadvWorld, our own already established profiles also share most content from the Network to extend our reach even further!

Brands/Companies we’ve worked with…

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