Gender Stereotyping | Are We Moving Forward? 1

Written by Carl Turner | Dadtastic Voyage With the recent announcement of the first female Dr Who, and tough new rules on gender stereotyping being introduced to end outdated expectations of women cleaning and washing while men struggle to do basic domestic duties. It has quickly become clear that as […]

Top 5 Tips | First Time Abroad With Kids

Written by Ryan | Dadsapp I’ve been on holiday with the family once before but my son was only 6 weeks old then and was easy as anything. So I’m going to count this as my first real abroad holiday with kids. Also, this list is what I’ve learnt as […]

Nursery | Right, Wrong or Neccessary?

Written by Natalie | MumsvBoy Nursery Is it right, wrong or just necessary? I look back to November 2016, this was the last month of Catherine’s paid maternity leave and with a house sorted for the 3 of us to move into just after Christmas, we couldn’t do that on […]

Dr Beckmann

‘It’s Dr Beckmann here, we want to send you some stuff to try out.’ ‘OK, we will get our awesome BPN community to get their names in a hat and dramatically reveal 5 winners LIVE on Facebook. Those 5 can review it for you and we’ll let the world know […]