Adoption Gave Me A Better Life

Written by Dean AKA Crazy Dad


Okay so you are interested in my adoption story eh? Well let’s see what I can remember from what I have been told of it.

I was adopted when I was 2. My birth parents were lovers of the drink. I recall being told that I had been taken away when I was 8 months old due to being thrown against a wall and suffering a skull fracture.

Let’s keep going shall we. I went into foster care from when I was a year to when I turned 2 and my folks who adopted me brought me home to meet my brother and my sister. Sure they aren’t blood but to me they are.

My family growing up when I was 2 is all I have known. Sure I know that I have 2 brothers and 1 sister out there. But to be truthful I don’t have an inkling to attempt to find any of them. I am content with how my life has turned out.

Lets back up a bit and go over the type of household I grew up in. My father was at the time a teacher for a bit and then went into Ministry and became a Anglican Minister. So church was an every Sunday type thing for my family.

My mom was a nurse and worked part time but mostly was a homemaker, was what they were called in them days. Now its a stay at home mom. Not sure of the difference if you ask me its the same thing. Although for posterity purpose let’s recognize that they are from two different era’s. 80’s and.. NM I’m getting off track.

Right so I had a grammar natzi as a dad going through school was bad enough without having whip me into shape and constantly remind me that the word “tooken” was not a word. It was the word “Taken” Well two can play that game pops. iregardless isn’t a word its regardless. Okay back to my story. Sorry for the rant.

Right so my mom was HUGE on canning and cooking from scratch. I can remember going to the big pantry we had downstairs and opening it up and seeing all the canned peaches, plums etc. Whatever I wanted it was there.

My folks when I sit back and look at how I disciplined they were pretty laid back about things. I won’t get into details of the crap I pulled lets just say at the end of the day my dads reaction was I’m not going to ground you because if I do that its me that has to look after your ass.

My mom was always the more stern. Dad has always been the soft one. Now that I think of it. The one thing that stands out about how my adoption was done is back in those days “1980’s” They really tried to put kids with a family that they somewhat looked like. So if you see them you’re like oh that seems like your normal family. Nothing wrong here.

Now let me be clear that adoption for me I was saved by the grace of God and given a family that loves and adores me. I am thankful every day for the life I have been given. Given that I was born at 25 weeks and weighed 600grams. That’s roughly about a pound if my conversion is correct.

Last I will close with there is nothing wrong with adoption. I am a firm believer in adoption as it gives a child hope and at the end of the day amongst all the crap that we go through in life giving a kid a chance is really what matters.

Thanks for reading.

Dean AKA Crazy Dad

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