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Written by Karen | Two Tiny Hands

It’s true to say that I am no stranger to baby carrying and have documented it well with my baby wearing story.  This blog post isn’t about me though this is about Dave my partners story.  His story focuses around Baby Bjorn.

Being an active outdoors family we both carry our son but Dave has never got on with wrapping like I do.  He is a buckles fan and we were given an original Baby Bjorn carrier by friends.  This is what he has used to carry Robert in since birth.

Amongst the baby wearing community the Baby Bjorn carrier has a bad reputation for dangling legs and bad hip positioning.  They’ve done a lot of work over the years to improve this though so is no longer the case.  This never bothered me though and I just liked the fact that my son was close to his Daddy getting the cuddles they both deserved.  At the end of the day this is all that mattered to me.

Now that Robert is 17 months Dave has been struggling to carry him on his front and has been opting to use our large hiking rucksack.  Not ideal for short trips out.   When the guys at the Blended Parent Network got in touch asking us to review the newest Baby Bjorn Carrier, with back carry option, we jumped at the chance.  This was going to be perfect for Dave…


The Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors

Things never quite set out as planned in the world of parenting.  Dave was all primed and ready to carry Robert all day with the new carrier when 20 minutes into our walk Robert kicked off.  He was not feeling too good and all he really wanted was me his Mummy.  This means I got to try the carrier out all day and hopefully sway my decision on buckle carriers.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised!  The One Outdoors was really comfortable.  The straps are wide and padded and comfortable on the shoulder.  The waist belt is sturdy and rests on my hips well.  When carrying on the front I still felt like I had that cozy, cuddle feeling I do when I wrap.  There is a small mesh between baby and you that doesn’t get in the way.

Back carrying is why we wanted to try the One Outdoors, this too is really good.  They’ve really thought through of an easy way to transfer from front to back without fear of dropping your child.  At all times they’re attached to you in a loop.  It’d be fantastic for someone that’s not used to carrying.  Even Dave can do it.  This is me being nice to Dave, he’s protested my attempts to try other buckle carriers from our sling library in the past.   The name Baby Bjorn just fits with him well!

The added bonus of this carrier is that it’s water and dirt repellent and easy to wipe clean, great for using in the muddy outdoors.  It has a waist pocket and loop attachments that we will probably never use but overall the general feel of the One Outdoors is one of quality.


Robert is walking more and more now so we can put this carrier in its storage bag in one of our rucksack to whip out and pick him up when he gets tired.  It really does just add another dimensions to our walks.

As I mentioned Robert is 17 months now and definitely no longer a baby.  The One Outdoors has a newborn insert attached in the carrier as well as options to carry your child face out.  We’ve not tried these out but they all look really feasible.

Overall I am impressed.  Even though its maiden voyage was with Mummy rather than Daddy I still think it’s going to be perfect for Dave.  I can pack them off out the door safe in the knowledge that they are both comfortable.  I don’t think I’ll convert from my woven wrap but we are all different at the end of the day.  Daddy cuddles are best!

We did manage to go out on a 2nd day to get a photo with Daddy.

Written by Karen | Two Tiny Hands

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