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My son received a letter this week about BBC Children In Need day, where you can come to school dressed up in something spotty and raise money for the occasion. My problem I have with this is that I am against school trying to a) push parents into giving and b) in making a child feel isolated if they do not join in.

With regards to a) my problem is I believe people should have a choice and not be forced by peer pressure in order to feel included. What happens if the parent is skint they can’t afford money nor can they meet the requirements, i.e. having anything spotty. I know some people who are so stressed about such events that they lie and call in sick due to not having the money to give. When will school be actually about education and not about charity? I am all for charity but I think it is wrong to do it in a school setting. The child has to be there as it is the law so why don’t we stop the charity and do it in a location where the person has the choice to attend or not.


It never stops with the charity raising in school and again I think this wrong. Some organisations whom I don’t trust certain charities to fully give money to the direct charity, which I believe they should because that is the whole point. But that is a different post entirely.

Another point I would like to put forward why is some fundraising allowed and who gets to choose which charity is more important than another one.

Where is the cut off to allowing fundraising in school, it just seems to me a growing number of charity events are ever increasing days and I don’t think it will stop any time soon.

My b) point is I don’t think it is fair especially with schools in more deprived areas who may not have the funds to give to charity in the potential to make the parent feel isolated by not giving. It again can have the risk of making the parent feel even more worthless because they cannot provide for their child to participate.

So there you have it that is my argument against all fundraising in a school setting. I am going be brave and speak out as I know this is  controversial but I feel that it needs to be talked about.


Written by Mummy Here And There |





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