Four Go On Holiday

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

Me and the brood are back from our holi-bobs and what a fabulous time we had. Aided by the helpful staff at First Choice we really did have a great time and I am not being sarcastic! Both Hubbie and I were, to be honest a little afraid of travelling with 2 under three, fearful of being that couple with THOSE children but thankfully both the girls where so caught up in the excitement they forgot to moan.

As we haven’t travelled since I was pregnant with bubba number 1, we wanted to try and make our experience stress-free for everyone. So we booked an all-inclusive package at a ‘family’ resort – where they offer things like sterilizers, cots and other baby gubbins you could potentially forget when squeezing the sink into the three bags allowed.

Along with the package, we decided to pay for a concierge service for the car, so the dude literally met us at the departure entrance and whisked our car off at 4am to be nestled somewhere safe for the week we were away. Of course getting through Gatwick airport at 4am with two small humans (when you all want to be asleep) is going to test even the most chilled out of families, and I am just so happy to say that (apart from a wayward trunki nearly taking the odd kneecap out) things went really swimmingly.

The plane was fab, if a little claustrophic when you have a wriggling octopus on your lap, but uneventful as both girls where so excited by it all. That said, the taxi transfer we booked was a welcome break for us all. I never thought the sight of a people carrier, two child seats and Manuel, the taxi driver would be as welcome as it was after being cooped up for a few hours the space was needed! With the best of the 80’s on the radio and 45 minutes snooze later and we were all relatively chipper when we got to our resort for lunch ☺


One inadvertent win was to take the double buggy (we have one where they sit on top of each other – sometimes they hate it so it was a gamble by all accounts) which can be a bad idea but it actually turned out to be the right thing for us. Whilst pulling it apart when-ever we travelled was quite frankly a ball ache (security a particular nightmare), the upside was you can steer it one handed (whilst snaffling your all-inclusive drinks back to the room), both bubbas can nap at the same time if they really want to, and we could share the load – so the buggy pusher got off carrying rucksacks and porta potties and when bubba one was walking we could load the buggy with that crap too!

For me the icing on the holiday cake – being mummy – was the ‘ola’ ladies as our eldest called them – or the amazing cleaners. Who happily smiled and waved at my brood who had busily spent the meal either grinding tomato sauce into the pristine white tablecloths or thrown jelly within a two mile radius of the high chair. I went from dying inside and feeling mega embarrassed and apologetic, until one lady said ‘it’s OK – she is keeping me in a job’ to which I then relaxed – because for once it wasn’t my job to clean up the food bomb that explodes every meal time. The only down side in all this ‘family bliss’ was mealtimes. Our apartment was a 5 minute walk to the restaurant and we soon worked out that timing was the key to keeping us a happy family, or being the family with the toddler refusing to sit on the big girls chair who WANTS TO GO TO THE PARK!

So, the first experience of the buffet ‘help yourself’ load it high restaurant was an interesting one – both girls way past the point of eating where both wailing with hunger. So I left Daddy attempting to placate them both with a crispy book and squeaky giraffe, whilst I tore round the buffet looking for something remotely suitable for them to eat. Healthy eating at this point went out of the window –in a blind panic I returned with a plate of mis-matched food – some chips (don’t judge), biscuits, yoghurt, watermelon, mashed potato, peas and some tomato pasta… see total panic mode! The mixture was dutifully mashed up and attempted to feed to bubba one, and bubba two decided that she would eat the watermelon.


Bubba one is actually a great eater when she has something she likes in front of her – it was just getting her in the restaurant in the first place when there was a far more exciting park round the corner. Bubba two, literally just covered herself, me and anyone in a 2 mile radius with food, as she had this habit of turning her plate upside down the minute you let go of it. I actually gave up putting her in clean clothes for dinner in the end… of course that was the point where we had all relaxed a bit more.

That aside, what really melted my heart was seeing how grown up both of our girls have become. Being at work all day and being ‘caught up in life’ sometimes means you miss the small things. The fact bubba one can get herself dressed and put on her shoes, and tell us she wants to go the disco, just showed to me what a proper little grown up she has become. What was really lovely to see, was how much her confidence grew over the course of the week. From standing literally in the middle of the dance floor watching all the bigger girls and boys at the disco (and getting trampled on), to throwing herself on the stage and wiggling her bum along with the rest of them really made me proud.

And of course there is the fact that the two girls haven’t spent that much time in each’s others space since bubba two was born. Which again was new for all of us. And because she is that much older bubba two is much more interesting to her older sister – Was really heartwarming to see her older sister teach her how to wave. She also taught her to yell if you took something away from her she had picked up – probably not as heartwarming….


Anyway, it was all amazing in my eyes, because again I can see she is going to be a confident little girl when she is able to move and talk. I sometimes moan about being a mummy in my blogs, but in the grand scheme of things, the moans are tiny in comparison to how much love I feel for both my girls. It is a real gift being able watch both of them grow into the strong independent women I think they will be and I am so glad it is my job to help them there.

It really shows to me that as a family we must book ‘time out’ away from ‘life’ to just be a family. And with that I am off to check out the holiday bargains for next year…

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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