How ‘Balanced Mumma’ fixed the Wonkey Donkey…

Written by Sarah Lloyd | Mumbie Tales

How ‘Balanced Mumma’ fixed the Wonkey Donkey…

So, there I was feeling sluggish, down in the dumps and with an immense craving for chocolate.  Now my youngest is sleeping through I should have more energy, right? Wrong… turns out when you are a mummy of two under 4 you forget to look after yourself along the way and eventually your body must scream at you to stop. In my case… it was my back. My back just snapped… granted it was whilst I was merrily building a flat pack toy box (and you shouldn’t be doing that…) but I was doing it because mums just do and don’t know when to stop doing.

I digress.

I am a massive advocate of spiritual healing. I know and truly believe there is something bigger than us out there. And whilst meditating was taking care of my mind, there was nothing taking care of the broken shell that is my body.


Enter the ‘Balanced Mumma’ or the glamourous talented, equally feisty Mumma Lindsey.  Lindsey is a trained Systematic Kinesiologist. A say what now?

For those of you who don’t know, Kinesiology treats your health issues by looking at physical, nutritional, emotional and energetical imbalances. It is a combination of western and ancient Chinese medicines that enables the practitioner to talk to your body. Your body, through muscle response testing, tells your practitioner what it is lacking and what it needs.

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In my first session – Lindsey started by asking me questions about what my health status was like – essentially see above, tired, grumpy, fatigued, moody… I can go on (and to be honest most mums would probably list the same if asked). I then was asked to lie down and get comfy.

She then systemically applied light pressure on points in my arms, legs and collar bone to test the muscles. Whilst she did that she placed a whole host of rattling jars of supplements on my throat (think adrenal gland- the bit that she told me later was broken) to ask which my body needed to get well again. She told me then what the problem was – it was quite simply adrenal fatigue – a change in diet was required, some supplements to help the gland kick start and some flower remedies to support that.

After that came the rough stuff… LOL – not wishing you put you off but there was some tough love – or strong prodding and tapping occurring around the collar bone, just above my belly button and other points where your glands congregate. I am not going to lie, it made my eyes water and I bruised like a peach afterwards. But for the short time she spent prodding my glands back to life it did wonders thereafter.

Plus, it can’t have been all bad because I went to her, probably 6 weeks later with my broken back.

This time, it was about first aid she said, I needed to destress and unknot my back. But instead of going at the actual muscle that was failing and causing me under pain and discomfort she did some work on my thigh muscles and feet (I know right!)… Again, a little discomfort followed particularly when she worked on the side the back was in spasm.

After the treatment, I was more than a little wary in sitting up, not because of Lindsey but because I have been known to not be able to get up at all after a particularly rigorous treatment at the Chiropractors (Not my best moment – imagine screams saved for horror films, and the complete inability to get dressed or consider putting your own shoes on – a nightmare I would prefer to forget).

But instead of spasm city – I could sit up, stand up and walk with NO PAIN whatsoever!

Bloody Amazing!!!

Visiting the ‘Balanced Mumma’ has helped me to get back on my feet – not just with the shagged back, but she has also enabled me to enjoy a healthier and more energy filled life. The supplements now I have been taking them a few weeks, are helping to stabilize my metabolism and my energy levels are better than they have been in years the difference is subtle but there!  The new diet change is easy, but I must say kicking the chocolate is the toughest bit – and I am hoping that post Easter I will be sick of the sight of chocolate… (!)

Like a reliable old car, I know I still need a little more work – but I know I am now on the right path to being ready for my MOT!

Written by Sarah Lloyd | MumbieTales

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