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PRODUCT REVIEW by Victoria Symons

I was honoured to be given an Eternal Nurture Pendant and matching purple Bermuda Bangle (called Magic) from the incredible people at Gumigem, to use whilst feeding my new-born daughter (as I am writing this she is now 4 weeks old).

They come in very attractive little clear plastic bags, it brings a real nice professional touch to already good looking items.


Eternal Nurture Pendant

On first looks the shape is unique and is hung on a nice soft fabric cord, with a simple but strong breakaway clasp for safety. Its lovely looking and as pointed out my by 5 year old daughter is a mother and child hugging with the mother character in a metallic turquoise and the child figure in a strong purple. Once open the feel of the pendant is soft but yet it is a hard strong piece, the shape makes the pendant interesting to touch.

On using it I am pleased to say it fitted with a lot of slack and ended positioned in the perfect position for when I was feeling my daughter (I am currently breast feeding her). I was too happy to see that as she was feeding her free hand was constantly touching and fingering the pendant, it seemed to smooth her as she felt asleep holding it.


Overall I really like this pendant and I can already see its helping and my daughter likes to touch and hold it, however I can say there is 1 negative and it is only a small one at that. I like to clean by daughter’s stuff in a cold water steriliser and due to the way the cord is connected to the pendant makes this difficult (not impossible but tricky), however being non-toxic and dishwasher save makes this a tiny issue.

Bermuda Bangle

Straight off the design is a curved triangle with a circular centre, its make of the same soft feel material as the Pendant and is coloured a smart metallic purple. As I open it my eldest daughter stole it and start to wear and model it for me, clearly she approved of the design and looks.

Quickly I discovered this item had one problem for me, it was too small and would not fit on my wrist, so I have been unable to wear it as a bangle. Whilst with a lot of effort I could get it on, due to its flexible nature, it was not going to be practical for me to do regularly. So up steps my husband with some out of the box thinking, using it as a toy rather than jewellery.  Playing with it above my little girl gave her a chance to touch it and try and play with it, whilst she was not able to hold it on her own, she seemed happy to finger and touch it. And we can see that once she gets a little bigger she will be able to use it fully as a teething ring.


Overall they are great items and I highly recommend people check out the full range via Facebook and their website ( or

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