What is the challenge?

The Slime Bucket Challenge is the latest, fun, messy way to donate to charity. You can do the challenge alone, with friends, with family, or even work colleagues!

  1. Donate to Action For Children through our website. Simply click ‘Get Your Slime’, fill in your details, and in exchange, you will receive a Slime Bucket Challenge Kit. This kit will allow you to change 1 bucket of water into gooey Slime.

  2. When your Slime Bucket Challenge Kit arrives, follow the instructions in the pack to magically change water into gooey Slime. Simply sprinkle the Slime powder over your water, stir with your hand, and wait a few minutes for the Slime to develop! The longer you leave the Slime, the thicker it becomes – if you’re patient enough, we recommend waiting 10 minutes for the gooiest Slime!

  3. Slime yourself! When you think the Slime is thick and gunky enough, get ready to get SLIMED! Get your camera ready, start the recording, nominate your friends, family or even a celebrity, and then Slime yourself… or get someone else to Slime you!

  4. Share your video and pictures on social media. Share your videos and nominate your friends through your social media. By sharing your videos and nominating others, you’re helping us spread the word about The Slime Bucket Challenge and raise as much money as possible for Action For Children.

REMEMBER – Slime is slippy so please take care! Check the terms & conditions before taking part in the challenge!


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